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Mike minor Robbie ray Smith Jason Vargas Sam Dyson body Rosenhaus ten jobs Michael Pineda Marcus Stroman Mike minor Robbie ray and I said Bobby was in house Michael Pineda Marcus Stroman Trevor Bauer Mike minor Robbie ray Wilson okay really sad to stop there what was the last name because I was talking over as of Billy was going stop we had to stop it for your belly you had the same job what would we like of the people are waiting already it was a matter of void so your is the the Yankees are going to get mad but Lloyd so you're going to live with for the rest of your life of that happens our gift from the Jean shepherd movie okay okay all right but yeah all I see I finally get everything goes over my head listen I'm not the on and when I was young things also went over my head Arnie is calling from dumont and don't Arnie or on the fan and rock city what's happening Arnie hello here's been a long time since I spoke to you whose fault is that okay well then don't let it happen again trying not to I am not doing that and you did the last time I spoke if you were shout out to all my mannerisms says it's not like that myself I'm I'm interested in one of those trades myself for the Yankees by the way that the guy that says she she was yelling out wasn't D. as it was Garcia no Garcia yes I apologize once you have created and no one to ignore the law I think it was D. as I think I was right well either way it doesn't matter the point is it woke up the ankles and and the guy and this was I didn't like it from CC I thought he was above you know a straight guy what we you know wanna call our broader knob and I give credit I believe his name was Jason from last night calling in after the game and he was storing about CC was doing that in part time shake up to wake up his team and then news see Anya Saudagar Grigory his who was pulling again getting out so badly of bad back to the dugout and it was of course where Gary is with the gore Gregory is with the great great corporations with the column with the glory of the grand slam so I do not have the team Robbie helped a little that mail getting a little work out from getting free CDL gave a good actor flowing at you realize it but that was the that was the hardest swing in the major leagues this year four three two inches well forty two inches no more free choice and I think they said okay well I'm not to sure listen I don't know I'm not gonna go I I I I agree hello where is the wind but do you understand what was he saying I mean all right well that's the charm of the program I don't think anyone understands what I say half the time but listen that's the charm and I tell people because it's true I talk and talk and talk saying nothing and make a living out of it all right one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six will be taking your calls right up until JJ after dark no calls will be taken during this flash with Bob use as the rain is on the way in the force of the Yankees hand they didn't wait for it to start raining they decided to postpone tonight's game against the rays about a half an hour before first.

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