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Sure I don't know if I'd WANNA trudge back there to that. She brings spring Turkey hunting season. I definitely would not want to trudge through swamps to get back. That would be tough to get in there. I think it trophy though. Yeah definitely saw him out there. They're definitely there. Yeah yeah that's again going back to this time of year being able to park the truck and just take a peek at the compass just trudge off into a a big expanse of country. Like that I just I get so much enjoyment out of that and I mean you never know what you're gonNA find back there. Obviously we're trying to find growls this time of year but there's lots lots to see out there and we saw wolf lot of Wolf Wolf signed today we did YEP but we did. We did see another little critter today. We saw yes so so there's a couple of things so we saw we saw a lot of Wolfson and this is the first time that I've really covered ground this year. I know that everywhere I hunt. Whether it's in Minnesota Wisconsin is wolf country. So I know that I have that. But it's a little bit different when you got that dusting snow on the ground and you see the tracks in the first spot that we jumped into. Today we were park the side of the road and this guy came and we chatted with him he was he was. I don't know what he was doing exactly but he. He saw the rough girl society truck and he wanted to stop and we had A. We had a good conversation. He he made a comment about there being a lot of rules in the area but again I know that everywhere I hunt as well contract but we we started walking there and it was not very long before we saw wolf tracks and they were okay all over and they're well we. We saw a Bob Cat track today. Though we determined that it was probably fishery right track because jared notices his footprint. It was hard to tell because the dogs were circling. The one re write a fight him off the track jared or trying to get him in as they're tracking expert but but we we think it was a fissure. That was big track for a for a Fisher is not a small animal but yeah they're bigger than you'd think. Yeah Yeah when you see him in person. I've actually seen a few pretty close this year and it's There there are a lot bigger than you think. Yeah well and a friend of mine. I went trapping one year. I've got I've I've tagged along trapping with a friend of mine in Minnesota where you're trapping for Martin and Fisher. And we had gotten a few Martin's we had had never got a fisher. But you Kinda you sort of have those in your head like Martin Fisher the same thing but a Fisher is considerably bigger than a pine marten. A pine martens kind of Pine Hind Martens like a really big urban. which also what did you say? Urban Ermine I. Earns maybe more correct. Okay okay well I WANNA go at the correct one. Ermine that was that was unexpected thing to see at the end of the day. Yeah so very sociable. Ermine he was was he was really curious about us and he was cute little guy. Yeah and jared faddem tonight. Yup We The snow shoe on the tailgate and I was on it almost immediately. Exactly no worries about us. He knew he was gonNA warm meal tonight. Yeah we're not going to wrap up quite quite yet. We're getting close but I do want to talk about a little bit about rough girl society in the sense that we've kind of touched on it throughout but John Jared do due distinctly different things for the rough grou- society and we'll start with jared because jared you have a unique position with the rough ground society and and correct me if I'm wrong but almost all of your focus is on private land owners. Is that correct. Yep The three yeah so talk about that a little bit as far as what you you are as a resource to private landowners in connection with the rough ground society right so I guess too. I set the stage a little bit. You know we've talked a lot about our abundance of public land that we have have right in northern Wisconsin. But that being said there's still a tremendous and a majority of the ownership is in non industrial private forest so we also have some mm-hmm industrial private forest lands. I don't work with industrial forest landowners. Just what we call non industrial private forest land. Or just you know your average landowner whose Kinda got back forty forty that has a huge impact on rough grouse and woodcock because it interfaces with all the public land and it also provides some.

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