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But my I think my other favorite. It's looks like a square play. But I I sort of hinted that Texas is not that impressive. I think Georgia. I, you know, we talk about like, oh Georgia won't wanna play in that game. I think some of that I don't know bitterness for lack of a better word wears off by kick off on the first eight forty five pm at night. I think Georgia can open up a can on Texas. Now that went I'm a I'm actually waiting in the other way, I like I like, Texas, plus the points, and you know, this is one of those games where when I broke down the two teams side by side. You look at the defensive lines. I used to give Texas a little ledge on the defensive line there D line kinda for thirty six more than Georgia's defensive line. Did this year they Texas linebacker tacklers number one two and three on the team an advantage air the secondary. I give the advantage of Georgia running game definitely Georgia's advantage. But I like little Jordan Humphrey in Colin Johnson, every Seaver and this Texas defense slowdown Oklahoma quite a bit in that game. And then you take a look at the fact out Tom Termine does as an underdog, you know, twelve and three against the spread as a dog ten of them outright wins. And I didn't see that much of a talent difference between the two teams. I got him by Georgia. Yeah. Got Georgia the better team, but probably by a touchdown or less. So I'm waiting to. We'd take an appoints in that one. We'll have to pull a wage right now one dollars. Okay. All right, pizza and beer or something. Like that. That's what I do like Texas defense, especially the front like you mentioned. I just don't think their offense can get much done. I've just been unimpressed with their offense. And I don't know very easily could be You're wrong. all again, you can't be afraid in these situations. I we're gonna see a lot of other action from the conference we saw TC, although, you know, TCU's a defensive team I'm gonna be to see what else happens in off formulate my opinion, I like Syracuse to against West Virginia without Wilbur or how do you feel? Yeah. And I think that is a Keno last year when those when West Virginia to the bowl game with a will Greer they had a I think he was like six foot, basically I'll walk on quarterback starting for him. And he struggled in West Virginia had horrific game this year, they got Jack Allison who's actually a very highly touted quarterback. I think he's six six six foot six strongarm, but he's only had ten passes all year, and he should have some success finding Jennings and sills, but I do think without will Greer West Virginia probably has a different offense. Not quite as drastic a drop off his last year, but a drop off. And yet the impressed with what you've seen from Syracuse in each and every game this year. I love what they did when they went into Clemson. They're a team that just has had a chip on their shoulder. Remember on they didn't wanna just beat Florida state. They wanted a pound Florida state, and they did that. And then they've they showed what the win over NC state that they were good. The Notre Dame game. Was there? One truly bad game of the year other net. They really didn't have a bad game. And I think Eric done. She gives him a threat. He's seventeen seven ratio can also run the ball, and they can get after the quarterback as well. Thirty eight sacks. So I think Jack Allison will be under some pressure although to defensive lineman going to be missing the game for Syracuse. Blue one of them had ten sacks. That might hurt the pressure a little bit. But yeah, I I like Syracuse in that one do, and I believe they have gone from being about a six point dog to being favored because it will be out. I think it was even seven at one point but six and a half for the most part. And then you're right..

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