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Seventy down to spear off the highway on the west side of town. Looks like some delays both directions of hamden just east of Santa Fe CBS four weather mostly sunny with a nice storm and a high of eighty four it's nice low fifty three mostly sunny eighty-five tomorrow right now, eighty four degrees. This report sponsored by the Colorado department. Transportation. Life is full of hard choices wearing a seatbelt is one of them. Buckling up means protecting yourself and others the car. Everyone has a reason to buckle up. Find yours. Click it or ticket forcement is on brought to you by cdot. I'm Rick Morgan on KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. The sisters from brothers is your mailbox stuff with fliers for discount air conditioning, tune-ups use them as a Finn until the brothers technician arrives. You don't want to trust your family's comfort to just anyone at brothers. Our personality texts really put in the time to get your AC. Back to factory specs brothers cares. See you can sleep better at night. Call three one fifty seven. Oh, this man heating and online at brothersplumbing dot com. You know, if you're thinking about selling your house, you've really got to talk to Chad Madeline he and his team at ESP our lights out when it comes to selling houses, and this isn't acceptable marketing puffery, no chat can show you. He sells houses three times faster for three percent more than his fellow realtors. He's sold over five thousand homes in Colorado. That's incredible. You know, how he does it? He markets the you know, what out of your property. He makes sure that he gets the right. Kind of buyers in front of your PA in front of your house. He's gonna.

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