Apple, App Store, Microsoft discussed on AppleVis Podcast - A Demonstration of Seeing AI, a New iOS App for the Blind that Describes Nearby People, Text, Objects and More


Hello everyone this is darrell bolts and i'm about to review an app that was released not too long ago and there has been quite a few request on apple vis too do a podcast on this app today this is the app called seeing a iit is a free app from the app store released by microsoft and what can this little app do well for being such a little app it does quite a bit actually it is a barcode scanner a document reader it will even do a short texts or elected think of it as texts that appear on screen it will recognize photos on and in beta which is not very accurate even for me is the scene a beta which i have found not to be exactly helpful a but i will demonstrate a few of these options and i will also show you the help system as well for each of them all even play couple the little videos that it offers for help so were going to jump bryden we will open seeing a i open seeing i am going to use siri for this and k and the first thing that you will land on his the menu button should so what we're going to do is go across the screen from the top of a swipe to the right there you hear it said quick help out his putter pot announcements we will not worry about that but that sounds pretty self explanatory me chaozhou tax adjustments i think just where the fun part of the app now channel and the option by default is short text.

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