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A. Did you come out here that often or I'm living out here at the moment cool yeah. I'm out here at the moment of a couple of projects out here yeah I like. La I mean New York is I just I love. It and you're more Cannibal cars yeah yeah I just. I love it there but I l. a. Has a really cool comedy scene. There are a lot of really cool venues out here and the community is really so nice. That's the other funny thing about wow that whole like comedy civil war like I really even comedians. I disagree with I I'm friendly with and there's such an it's such a nice community of people. Oh Yes oh that just I mean is. was that like it's make or okay I mean the problem is is is like you know. There's not a lot of money in journalism anymore. So everything is click. Oriented and people have to create stories at nothing. That's actually what is separating us like. Click bait stories that just trying to divide people and get reactions out of people rather than the reality. Was that like most people you know even with this crazy even in this crazy political men like whatever but most people on a base level are like kind and when you read. Click Bait articles. If you actually Lee like I'm going to read. This one ever pays nothing there. It's based on three three tweets. You know the the out of context and I know it's so frustrating because no one ever actually reads the article so it just gets shared earn but then I think is twitter even real I know it's twitter really just like twelve other people that I'm in the same sports box with. Maybe it's better I go back and forth forth because I can get very addicted to twitter but I do follow journalists that I appreciate and it does kind of feel like it's a good really the best use of twitter there is like you change your setting so you don't get massively trolled and that said I've gotten okay. How do you change your settings. What how you can change you can change them to just like people who who don't follow you. Don't get out you never I'm so there are ways to do it but if you follow like journalists that you like it is a good way to get your news yeah no. I agree and that's in the night hear voices that probably wouldn't normally aren't like CNN talking heads you mean don't just follow the comics or you can do that now now. I've heard the same thing. My wife is always so that she li. If you curate it you you can you can have a perfect get some great utopia but some great news outlets yeah. It's perfect for that well. We're out of time. Where what what day are you performing? What I do name okay so that's Sunday no Saturday over yeah Saturday cool yeah. That's great where Real Stupid Forum in. La I have been traveling so much I haven't really I don't have many dates on the calendar then. I'm going to be in the New York Comedy Festival. I'm I'm doing my show. I'm doing miscarriage of Justice at Union haw her ten th at seven PM and the New York comedy festival that's another. That's a big show coming awesome giant yeah. That's fantastic. Do you think you'll do that our long in La.. I will probably do it again. I did a couple little secret shows. Oh it doesn't if you follow me on social media on that secret but I didn't like have a big announcement or anything and then I might be doing a couple more cool. That's great yeah yeah well Jennifer. Thank you so much. Thank you delight and you are. You guys are okay. and yeah break a leg break a leg and give me that book on different ways yeah thank you. I don't guests awesome okay. Thanks thanks well. That's our show for the week the team Coco Weekend Yeah Comedy Club near You. They're a lot of really great comics this weekend. There are and we're going to take credit for all of them. Sure because that's the team Coco Way so thanks for listening and we'll be back next week. We like you inside. CONAN unimportant Hollywood podcast hosted by Mike Sweeney in me. Jesse GASKELL PRODUCED BY KEVIN BARTELS engineered by will becton next by Orion connor supervising producer is Aaron layered associated producer Jin samples executive produced by Adam Saks and jeff Ross justice debrosse cocoa and Colin Anderson and Chris Bannon it here wolf thanks Jimmy Vino for our theme music and interstitial also apple podcasts and of course please subscribe until a friend to listen to inside CONAN on apple podcasts spotify stitcher Google podcast asked or whatever platform you like. This has been a team Coco the Duchy in association with..

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