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Really do at this point. Obstruct and slow them from happening. The the police attacking peaceful protesters the. That's it. That's all a distraction like it's obstruction. The one thing to keep in mind introducing not think that cops generally make a pretty decent wage. It's typically. I'm not sure how. Much money you've made in your life, but I have not. I've I've got a little bit of the taste for couple years where I made a decent amount of money. Copped generally reside and an income bracket that. Is a lucrative, not keep most of them from quitting their jobs I. See what you're saying. Yeah, no, I I would agree with that. I think starting starting wage. It's summer at around sixty to sixty five thousand a year for most fulltime ops, depending on where somewhere in that range which is. It enough to buy somebody out to to be like once a have once they've bought the the the two thousand, twenty fifty, or whatever that's ninety thousand dollars truck, and they've got a an eighteen hundred dollar monthly payment in that two thousand nine month payment rent like they're already stock. I, get what you're saying it, so it's it. IT CAN BE A. But what you need to realize it can be a Choko, but what they need to realize this already position where they're gonNA start losing funding. We're going to start losing hours. You're going to start by budgets and. Pay In they're gonNA. Lose their jobs, so now's the time for them. Start Looking for another job, right? especially if they're not, you know they feel guilty about what they do are are even worse than they don't like what they do. which a lot of don't. I would venture to guess that. Upwards of at least fifty percent of the police Alker, just like every other normal human being, and they can't stand their fucking job right well, and I've seen that I've seen were, and this is the empathy part I've talked about this. On previous episodes were there's empathy across the whole board where it's like what about the people that are cops that are having to stand up and deal with the Shit, and don't want to and. Don't have a way like you said like. You're already chokehold into your lifestyle. So for the do. So for them I understand. I understand that, but it it that I still think the level of. They're not educated because. If. If you're basically, you're paying the picture of of a wholesome human, being an altruistic wholesome human being who likes doing the job is proud of doing a good job. Who thinks that they're providing a service that the community benefits from an.

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