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It is time to take a look at the market with a deeper dive hotel giving us those closing equity averages a little bit of selling into the close but nonetheless a rally on this Wednesday what does it mean for the S. and P. five hundred overwhelmingly canes four hundred sixteen names in the S. and P. five hundred higher today eighty eight lower one and changed if I look at those major industry groups there are eleven of them top of the pack Jason industrials financial energy the only group that lost some ground was health care down about two tenths of a percent but nonetheless very broad based buying enough to treat today and it was a global rally we've been talking about this throughout the day well an interesting when you look at the individual names that were moving higher really leading the way your number one gainer a company familiar to our audience we've had the CEO on our air Simon property group they are re opening so that is providing a lot of enthusiasm for retail coming back you also had a couple travel related names you heard Charlie mentioned leave early in the show United Airlines you A. L. that was one of your biggest gainers for the day and on the other side of the trade you had a couple names that are probably more associated with staying at home some video game makers ATVI Activision blizzard and take two T. T. W. O. and then there's keeping up with the cosmetics company code what I did there I see what you did there and so multi faceted it's great well I tweeted I tweeted that earlier when I saw this story by can be seen that another Kardashian maybe like I would say that Cody money right right I mean it's a Cody now talking apparently Kim Kardashian west on a possible collaboration with respect to certain beauty products that include Tatian marks whatever that means according to regulatory filings so the partnership we know coming just a few months after Cody close a six hundred million dollar deal with reality TV star's sister Kylie Jenner yeah exactly the Jenner and the Kardashian Jenner sisters Cody Kardashian are asking Cody listen people have done worse financially than than getting into business with that family that's for sure the chief executive officer apparently of Cody I guess he was named to the post this week yes correct yes he's that pretty good friends with the family's been as business manager also known as Kris Jenner also known as mom N. as mama yeah well Mr I mean what was that what was the quote that you had a few weeks ago it's like self made millionaire are safe self made billionaire and you wanted to admitted to mom made billionaire were all made by our mothers right well yes but you know what I mean the company thing they are reality TV would people be rushing out to buy their highlighters and lipsticks now I think the answer to that is a very slight not watching well no but I just I do love that Cody story because men that stock is just constantly on the move man you have a strong stomach if you're in that name because some days it loses some days it gains listen Boeing also among the biggest gainers today up almost thirty percent on yeah you A. L. also up about twelve percent I think this is just you know I really do think investors to some extent alike okay maybe we see the bottom maybe were beyond the bottom of it and you know they're starting to see good signs and get better stories you know and it just gives them reason for optimism yeah I mean I hope so I mean I hope they're right in in many cases but many ways for so many reasons all right let's take a look at volatility it was down today attach about five percent with less than five percent closing the twenty five hill twenty five point six to the system work.

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