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Just a video. About patterson o- we've got an update this his his point of view back out of nowhere. Sorry i just saw that. And i was like way. He's gotta be careful he's gonna fuck up his raises his right wrist that he fucked up. Okay okay we'll holding the camera now bro. i don't like that. We'll it's all his scooter workouts in power gliding. Fuck is doing on the wake boarding a you know. He's getting arrests workouts. So maybe shot. I'm sorry to oh. Yeah when he's back his basement. Those showers fucking good man. Now it looks nice. Snippy snippy old shot. They're so excited any sorry any news. The islanders gone. I mean the nhl thought they were doing something forcing pellets arbitration daytona sooner day but then a banger was released. New york islanders twitter tweets out at a day an article that they have signed pelleting eight years. Adam flocking peleg signed to the new york. Fucking islanders eight seasons Undisclosed amount later got leaked five point seven five million dollars. Such a sick deal insane. I mean the market right now we just. We just sat there for twenty minutes. We're talking about darnell nurse. Getting nine point five million dollars darnell nurse nine point five million dollars adam pellerin five seven five five seven five steel adam peleg five seven five dollars fucking on believable so again like i was saying and what they were doing something because apparently lula morello is like hiding. His contracts closes rumor that certain people were signed. Like it's rumored. Mary's rumors ezek as signed on the dotted line But they obviously haven't submitted any paperwork because nothing has gone through So they were forcing his hand. Maybe they'll maybe it'll be forced to make his deals done so that way you know everybody knows Which is interesting. I wanna come back to that in a second. But back to pelvic great deal. I'm ecstatic that. He's going to be for eight years. I had a little bit of like a midlife crisis. Is that what. It's called. When i realized that i'm going to be in my thirties when that deal expires. Well it's like when people getting drafted now it's like these people like our unger than us by a couple of years by like three or four years. I think eighteen year olds. I'm twenty three. Oh yeah that's right. So yes oh five years for you. Yeah adam pellet. I'm going to be in my thirties when his deal expires. And i was like why we thirty two albany years. Yeah thirty two. i'm thirty now. They'll be thirty thirty one thirty thirty thirty one thirty one so i'll be thirty one when his deal expires insane..

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