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This is Forum Michael Krasny. We're talking about the vaccine rollout. We're getting the latest on the pandemic here in the Bay Area, with Erin all day of the San Francisco Chronicle, and Dr George Rutherford, who's an epidemiologist with University, California, San Francisco. And here's Monica from San Jose. Monica. Join us, please. Hi. Um, quick question. No, we know there is no data that indicates the vaccine will present transmission. And, um, well, off course, if that's the case, that's not the case, though, preventing transmission, so the herd immunity is not going to work. Um, could you please comment on this comment from you, Dr Rosenberg? Sure the fact that there's no data that data were not collected about it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. And we're busily trying to shore up that hole. In the in the data, the more people who are naturally immune, the less transmission. There's going toe. There's going to be Just naturally it There's a bit of very interesting article from Emory that just come out. That would suggest that over several decades that this virus would become more like the people become a infection predominantly of Children under five. Ad with very fuse few of any symptoms, and that will population with meaning would maintain immunity to it just by kind of repeated exposures during during childhood, and that by the time they get to adulthood, they would have You know, some durable, durable naturally acquired immunity for the time being. However, we have to bring it under control with vaccine since you mentioned Children, Doctor wanted to find out what your thoughts are, But I think you're in favor of opening schools again in the spring, aren't you? Am. I am? I'm a pediatrician, Michael. So I have to kind of have seen this from both sides. Believe me, I think that Yeah, I think that we can. Um we're now seeing the first experiences from some Scandinavian countries. And from from England on their experiences with reopening schools are that there's been very little transmission that's going on in schools. It's not to say it's not existent. But there's very little transmission that goes on in schools and What you see in schools in terms of cases in Children is what you see in the community. Kids get get infected at home. Bond. Then they bring it to school. And that's where people you know that's basically where Children are getting infected. It's not in schools. It's not for the teachers. It's not from other kids. It's a home. And what about just a quick question along lines again of Children? I mean, if parents are vaccinated, and they want to travel with their Children is that safe, Given that a small percentage of Children get very sick from covert. I think it is. Yeah, I think as long as again Children get it from their parents. And if the parents aren't going to get it because they've been vaccinated, then the kids aren't going to get it, so I think it is safe. Let me go to another color. Joe joins us next show. Thank you for waiting. You're on. Hi. Good morning. I'm in emergency physician practicing and around San Francisco. So I'm one of the lucky few to have received their 1st and 2nd doses of the five year vaccine. Of course, that does little to lessen my concern for My patients in my family. My question is what centralized solutions are available to solve these problems of production, distribution and administration within a Essential eyes is gonna care, for example to the governor, activate the National Guard to help distribute and administer vaccines, assuming that they're available toe To be administered. We've got a lot of the National Guard. We're protecting the capital now, but Aaron all day. I don't know if you wanna weigh in here. Yeah. I mean, I think that there's been definite conversation about that. I know that folks on the county level expect that at some point, especially with the new administration that we might start seeing, you know, federal more kind of federal intervention more, but maybe some federal vaccination sites. There's kind of more talk about that happening in places like in the middle of the country, places that might have kind of less. Access to care kind of more of those those those provider deserts, whether it's it's harder to reach people, but I think what I think we will see kind of more of a centralized structure as time goes on more of these kind of Mass vaccination sites like Christine opening up in in Southern California. I think we're just not going to make a choice. I mean, we're just so fractured. It's clearly not doing doing well playing out so far. We're not going to really have any option but to to centralize it. To kind of get kind of forced some order on this on this structure. That's that's kind of my take. I mean, Dr Rutherford might have have more to say on that you have more to say Angel will suffer. Course crowd somewhere, say Yeah, There's a the thing to remember. So the National Guard has been activated, and therefore they're involved in direct patient care. Both harbor general Well and L. A county USC hospitals on DSA, So the problem with the National Guard is that those people have day jobs. And so will you need ICU attendings. We're in the national Guard. That means they're not going to be in ICU attending at whatever wherever they work on a daily basis anyway, So that's there's a kind of, you know, a sort of a balancing act on Darrin's right, The more we could federalize this and bring an actual federal assets. That aren't part of the existing health care, you know, civilian health care delivery system. That's great. Um, I think we're going to use mostly the National Guard for the first search care Now, as we get past it yet, yes, we can use those vaccinators. But right now, our gonna be looking tol For all hands on deck. Anybody who's who could give a vaccine to get out and be a vaccine here. I know I'm gonna have I'm gonna I'm gonna be in that boat and gonna be out trying to help us. I can let me read some comments that are coming in when he writes, I messaged my primary care physician. Who told me to call Walgreens I call Walgreens. They told me to go to the Department of Health Side. I go there, but I can't find any link that directs me to sign up for a vaccine. I'm a senior who's somewhat Web savvy. I can only imagine.

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