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You heard Joe talking about this Disney's delaying the start of its Star Wars rival run five k due to the weather. Disney tweeting that they're assessing its impact and evacuating runners to shelters to stay dry. Good morning. It's five forty nine now on Orlando's morning news. Updated weather and traffic every six minutes. Good morning. Joe were been watching storm system kicking by two. Our Norris has late last night. These renegades storm systems that have been coming fast and furiously. We'll keep a forty to fifty percent coverage of few showers early today. Better chance for some scattered afternoon. Thunderstorms are. Seabreeze gets going today. Kind of reminds me of the wet season. Temperatures today in the mid eighties bout, eighty six Orlando warmer and drier tomorrow only twenty percent coverage of some afternoon seabreeze downpours, a high eighty eight eighty nine on Sunday with a little bit higher chance for afternoon seabreeze storms, mainly along and west of I four and the nerdy next week yet another raising storm system comes speeding through the southeast with some rain late Monday, Tuesday, they extended five day forecast. Four times an hour. From channel nine I'm chief meteorologist, Tom Terry. Tom now massive wall of water is soon to move into central Florida. If you're out in west, Orange County, you're going to be seeing this rain. I it's starting to move into Oakland, which is just west of winter garden than ten Tilden Ville winter garden, Windermere, Gotha. It's going to move into the magic kingdom and down into the animal kingdom celebration. You guys are all going to see this in very short order, and as you just heard run. Disney tweeting this morning that the start of the Star Wars rival run five k has been delayed. That is affecting the run out there at the magic kingdom this morning now, it's cloudy and sixty nine at Orlando's severe weather station. Safetouch Security triple team traffic morning. Ed. Good morning, Joe. And right on schedule. The overnight construction that we're talking about on I four westbound.

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