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They break the deadlock between the city and county council's budget and finance committee to discuss the deal to relocate hilltop concrete this afternoon the sale of that river front lamb will clear the way for construction of a new music venue with the banks complicated land swap involves changes to the bangles least though that the mayor says are way too generous the bangles claim that they're going out of their way to accommodate the city and county get this deal done and they say it's time for politicians to stop fighting budget committee also today in Cincinnati expended to approve spending two hundred fifty thousand dollars for new vests for today police officers that she says he's new vast will be worn on the outside of their uniform shirts and used to carry many items currently on their utility belts research. shows us which leads to fewer back problems for officers down the road this is a good investment. in our police department to make sure that not only your safe but also that you're not being impacted as it relates to your health councilman Chris Miller corner in the Columbus area warning about a bad batch of drugs that's hit the streets there they seem to spike of ten overdose deaths in Franklin County within the past day they suspect sentinels been laced with cocaine or heroin there advising anyone who knows someone who uses to keep no locks on close at hand bangles looking to exercise some demons in Pittsburgh tonight they've lost eight in a row to the Steelers also Venice starkly bad in primetime games but that was under Marvin Lewis sect Ehlers in charge now he says this is a new day in Cincinnati and it would be a prime time to sell as good a time as any so it would it wouldn't really matter who we're playing we for you know we're we're we're very anxious to get another opportunity to put it all together I think that's the best way to say it our guys still believe that we're we're had the right direction we're doing the right things and they know that it's a tough test you know its prime time stealers that they're saying the same things in their locker room that we're saying both teams are often in three starts follow the action tonight right here on newsradio seven W. L. W. out of action for the rest of the season former bangles Montez perfect suspended today by the league for the rest of the season for a helmet to helmet hit yesterday on a tight end in the raiders game our next updates at twelve thirty news a service of Starfire loop well here with a really weird word buttery buttercream it's not quite better it's better.

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