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The baby. Boomer i'm jason crane refreshing. Ut austin generation nine editor joke ruin and you're you're doing okay. Jason you sound a little under the weather how you feeling really thick now. I'm going to be completely i. I have felt the second awhile Fingers crossed it's not co- bit i'm gonna go get tested once for this and You know hopefully all's well some coming home and a half weeks so i guess if there's one silver lining of this that and getting sick before i come home so then i'll be able to get the full home experience on back all but Kinda sucks right now especially with the great weather last football game. This weekend it's really inconvenient time dissect but i was at the focus on my health above have times. Okay buddy. I feel bad for you all right. Let's let's talk about this episode. Your white sox hired tony larussa. After firing manager of the year candidate. Ricky run to who took the outsiders to the postseason for the first time in twelve years. They hire a septuagenarian hall of fame. Coach tony larussa. Clearly jerry reinsdorf decision. Everyone knows the story that he never got over the fact that he let hawk harrelson fire. Larussa thirty four years ago. When hawk was the general manager and now late in life. He's making amends. Jason mo- sox fans hate this. Move if you were to believe talkradio here in chicago. How do you feel This so this is one of the things. Obviously i q things about the white sox before they get out. Here was the things that might happen. People were talking about the field. Talk about and when i heard the first time in my twitter like there's no way how they're going to do this because the back was against the organizational direction of the young team with players that are under control for the next five sixty. You would like a manager was used to working with that. Aj hinch and and manager who is able to cater to a young clubhouse a clubhouse that obviously has a lot of fun. let's celebrations in the handshake. I mean clubhouses very diverse of one of the most diverse clubhouses in baseball. And they hire seventy six year old manager who has left baseball before defensive shares manager challenging and statcast than in the game. So it's gonna be really interesting honestly. I've been telling all my friends and everybody i've talked to. They win the world series next year. The move will always because for me. Because all i ever wanted is to see what sock world series but if we are two years on the line and the white sox of not wanting wealth two years at the very least made it to the world. Series is one of the worst in sports history. The white sox had the opportunity to the top five managers in sport and age agent. Alex cora and then an interview either of them which is an absolute disaster in its own right but rousseau there's no doubting that he's the greatest man history of the sport that i believe the game has tapped them up. I don't know he's going to be able to adjust to the game. Like i said he was not thankful the last time when the manager challenges in fact he. He's been retired for three years before the manager challenged within the play. Or you're going to be and feel the series he's going to be able to just three better minimum our guys giulino or dallas parkway going to be left in the game for too long i. I'm really concerned. I'm intrigued and i'm really hoping that. End up being the best move. But i can't help selfish on jerry reinsdorf part but you know what's crazy though is that he's supposed to be the anti analytics higher. Get when tony. Larussa came into the game as a manager. He was considered the nouveau manager. Because he was a lawyer he had a law degree and he was outsmarting everybody else and people thought. Oh gosh this is new school baseball. It's never going to work so if he was able to change it back then. What's not to say that he can't adapt now. He's a smart guy. Well he's the only time. Baseball fact white sox test stuff in to stanford grads and as ancient sam fold so clearly. There are other smart guys out there. I suppose the cards of the ability to it for a second time to a changing game at the age of seventy six is something that i really really worry about i again. It goes back to shifting. Goes back to do. Pick changes pinch hitting tampa bay. Rays came to game short of winning a world series. And they did that through. Platooning airings teams for the most part using openers have their playoff games and fifty percent playing the match. Yes it ended up coming back to bite you having cash in the the cold lake now and in the fifth or sixth innings saying. But that's just a small small sample size especially for ran. The table was topsy. The american league made it all the way to the world series and put up a fight against an incredibly good dodgers san so again you need to have analytics baseball. And what. I've been telling people what are the most the higher rehires around him. It's not going to be as much about hamilton about the bench coach in the pitching coach. Now i just hope that they can make the right decision with those two because truth be told. The bench coach is likely going to be the max manager and if they get somebody good like joe's fodder from the astros or a heard dickers- he's named thrown out there a million and a half times Even to sign yada your bellina the backup catcher. The theory wonder yati couldn't breathe it into being a future manager because of his leadership and game calling skill so it's gonna be more about. Who hires around him. Obviously the micro. The microscope will be very much under this year. it makes me laugh a little bit to the white sox had has this in their hands. Ej answer could have fired him world series winning manager when the no successful managers. Recent memory say what you will about cheating. But i think that a lot of people would rather have a proven cheater than seventy six year old at this house while you're gonna see lot of them now that he's in the division and that could really really come back to the white sox rhythm stars is absolutely you know who else is in the division the one of the youngest managers in baseball rocco baldelli from the twins If former larussa understudying. Mike machine and terry francona include went. Who he could be seen the end of his managerial career. And then the indians are going to hire young. They can hire sandy alomar junior. Who was brought up to the white sox role in. There's so many storylines especially in the al central next year. And i really hope to. God the ricky renner retired somewhere else because that truly is one of the most depressing sad baseball stories ever especially for white sox end up winning the world series in the next two years. But you know. I do agree that they needed to change. And it's gonna be so interesting seeing how larussa manages guys like Tim anderson and louise robert and jimmy court going to be allowed to to pull up his sleeves and show off his by us. When he's pitching probably not is anderson going to be able to bat with a homer.

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