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Four players right barstool sports this is. I would say in five years of doing and working at marshall sports the craziest thing that we've ever it is thursday may twenty seventh two thousand and twenty one. It's five am local time and we're recording a podcast so that we can have ourselves a long weekend for one so when this comes out if what we're talking about doesn't make sense go fuck yourselves because we recorded this. I five days ago. We're trying to make the world work and allow j bass and our producers to have a long weekend so that's the situation and hope everybody had a great memorial day weekend frank. He's going to be in a weird place because the islanders they could be in heaven up a couple games that could be getting slaughtered and he's getting roasted by all this co workers. I really don't know what's going to happen but anyways good morning gentlemen. Good morning to you. Yeah so when you're listening to this. The islanders had just beaten the pittsburgh penguins last night. we're coming off the day after brooks bryson on twitter and instagram. And all these things so it's kind of a weird time in the world right now. The golf world is on fire. The hockey world is on fire. I'm preparing to go into battle with dave marina fight oberg rear ads. Brunelli paul whitney. It's just the list goes on and on and on But yeah it's it's early and late. Last night was fun at the cost. The umbrellas was packed. But you know we're here to do a pocket so it's not just about us getting along weekends really the producers. These guys have never had a day. I don't think in the last eight months where they haven't edited video. The entire day ended a podcast. I mean not one day or night off so the fact that they would have had to like not have any plans over this memorial day weekend and stay there and do zoom and do the the the podcast pros and stuff got to get it done. So we're just getting a couple of pretty banged up. You know pretty banged a break. You is celebrating last night and it's just an ungodly hour. Alert looked at me and said that it looked like my back. Just trying to walk basically away. I pretty rigid the webex call for a second. Get a god damn ice water and now we're really freakish time to be. We're just not a morning crew really. I don't think any of us are more people. So i mean i got coffee i i think i feel okay. Obviously frank get along and rigs is up at an hour that i have not seen in probably fifteen years honestly like when was the last time the rest of us were up at five. Am never. I saw like a week ago. We couple times. I see it for travel usually not. I'm not up at five to actually do something. That's the difference. I can find up at five. I can like slog my way through a coffee in an hour or two before. I have to enter the reason that i'm fucking up or even if you're traveling all you have to do just be a zombie and go through security right. Just just drop your pathetic asset air airplane seat and fall asleep for like three hours. I could do that..

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