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To men. Talking folk could be pushed through to one hundred twenty. That's well it's like out in the world of illegal download people think nothing of that kind of they'll happily download prometheus with people just getting wandering around the sound. Sounds as if it's drunk our car that yeah no problem. Let's let's spunk. Some bandwidth said a cool thing to say promotes terrorism. Though somebody doesn't these dvd's the terrorists were very hard on the should work harder producing good quality dvd copier. I think yeah exactly and then they would be indistinguishable from the sell through ones. What would that do that would plunge the world into confusion and destroy the economy of the west. Yeah there is that. I don't really care that much though. I sometimes my policy at ever illegally downloaded anything. Yes i'm going to do with any of my stuff. We see i disagree. I i strongly promote the illegal downloading of anything. That i've ever been involved with i is. I don't make any money from anywhere so i couldn't give a fuck. I think people are very welcome. I'm sort of flattered and delighted if anyone would spend any amount of time trying to download anything i've ever done. The only thing that i think is commercially available. That i've done is the adam and joe. Dvd which was a compilation. Not even the whole set of the series series. We done on channel four thinking of grandma. My wife has a copy of this. Dvd right. i never. I'm very proud of i. Object probably watched it. I've watched it. Because i was interviewing. You probably should watched all of it. Don't worry about. It can be probably a lot of time. It's it's a beautiful object and we agonized about every aspect of it visually and design to ourselves. And were about it. So i think people probably well advised to go and buy that actual but if they want to see it really badly and just download bits of it fine. I'm not against. I think he does become a phenomenon and download breaking bad like the current ones. You can't get by that when it comes out. Yeah exactly. I've done that same kind of thing myself in another life admit to. I've been doing this beautiful carefree sued for anything that we're less quickly. Get out of the way you'll be asked about this all the time what. How was it being buried in random. Hawker thousand one remake. It was very nerve wracking. I like to four at hurdles. That would be my indian name. If i if i had native american indian named it would be falls at hurdles because i never rise to challenge whatsoever in any time i get an opportunity or i'm in an exciting environment. I fuck it up underwhelmed and that one of my first acting jobs. And i've i've always liked the idea of being actor and always wanted to act and i've intimately got these little opportunities and that was one of the very first thanks to charlie higson. Who is writing and directing that show. I think so. I was really excited about it and then turned up. And you know vacant barb. They're all my heroes in one place at the same time. I didn't have much to do. I think all i had to do is go up some stairs. i think. In revenge of the pope people. I was a security guard. And very you know just went up the stairs charlie hickson said. Do you want to do anything else. Any other kind of stuff you want to do. Make it more funny or anything now. I'm fine. I i can think of anything because i didn't feel as if i was in a position to unveil some amazing stick. You know what i mean. It could've tripped on every single step. Does that recently as right or my trousers gradually fall down revealing my genitals by the top of the staircase. What about that. Johnny right for the slot that we have thanks. I have felt confused by why i was there in the first place. Really and just overawed by become bob and i had a conversation with res in his caravan about cheese and it seemed to me that i was actually in some sort of weird sketch to about cheese. And also what's the other thing that he's a real expert in is kind of blood sausage or something like that so talking about like favorite kind of cheese and thinking. Wow he's really like that actual stuff he talks about and i kept on expecting to suddenly talk about something nor but he didn't want to my emergency questions that yeah. What is your favorite type of cheese cheese cheese. So that was the other thing was. I couldn't really partake of the compensation. It was shit. Hey cheese if you had to eat one of them no which one which you e i suppose premila. Some of them are nights. You should give him ago really. Likes the diseases. Well the like the stench of death feet and death. The really smelly ones can be some very bland. It's either very much smell of feet in death or he's just a little bit not too bad it's like he's just died not just taking this obesity beaten. Not too bad yeah. That's fine. it's either that or it's like jesus it's the walking dead. I'm from cheddar. I find this anti cheese. Talk very upset. Story is the best cheese in the world cheddar. Is this something you eat a lot of cheese because cheese one of the few things. That isn't good for you. That i don't really know very much because it's not very good food. Yeah yeah so. I've kind of given up on a bjp pizza no. I don't i mean that's that's the only learning stuff. I learn things about says la you this that you know i i. I'm so envious of people who do eat pizza. Because i can see that it's clearly like one of the great things in the world. There's no smell of death fully. just nice. It's all mel in. Sometimes i've gone and tried to join in gone to a pizza restaurant and ended up just getting like some dough with a couple of anchovies and some tomato sauce. Yeah and tried to join in with all that. It's not the same because the sandwiches the same thing and you could apple sandwich that cheese in it but a pizza without cheese doesn't work no way mix is just think it's just a sammy's flattened pizza cheeses like the doors of that. Jim morrison or.

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