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Claims. August police reports. Calls real harm. They do harm to every legitimate victim. Who's in need of support by police and investigators as well as the citizens of the city to host one of the largest private parades in the world, and we're proud of that as a police department and also as a city. Lawyers for small I'd say the Chicago police department put on an organized law enforcement spectacle when the superintendent detailed investigator's findings about the alleged attack on the empire actor, and they say the actor tonight is the allegations high level trade talks between the US and China continue in Washington with the goal of easing standoff. That's clouding the global economy. Chinese delegation is meeting with the US team led by Trade Representative Robert lighthizer secretary of state, Mike Pompeo told the FOX business network. The question remains of China will give up its bad habits. These are real threats, and we need to be capable of protecting our information and our data. So does does China admit to the cyber intrusions? Do they admit to to the theft of intellectual property, we're the former president of Microsoft on this program couple months ago? Steve bomber it. He said that ninety percent of the companies in China, use the Microsoft operating system. One percent pay for it. It costs Microsoft ten billion dollars a year in profit, this this this enormous transfer this unlawful transfer of American wealth, American innovation and creativity. That's taken place over the last decades is enormous. It's historic. The Trump administration is determined to push back against it. We opened by talking about these trade agreements that are being worked on in Washington. Even as we speak. They will attempt to address this. The Chinese need to acknowledge that this is taking place need to put structural changes in place to prevent it from taking place, and then there needs to be an enforcement mechanism. So that the whole world can know that these things are. Continued to happen. Do how do we get to a point where we can try that? They will keep the promise. I mean, let's say you do get an animal you, and we get these agreements that. Yeah, we're going to move the needle on IP theft haven't they made promises to us in the past that they haven't kept. They certainly have. That's absolutely the case. And arbitration knows this we won't fall into those same pitfalls. They've made commitments on cyber and other things which just simply not honored. That's why the enforcement mechanism, and if you talk to him or lighthizer secondary Mnuchin for even two minutes, they will have the heart of these discussions will surround enforcement mechanisms, and I hope that the Chinese will be prepared to permit those to take place if they do perhaps we can find a good solid trade way to move forward. Yeah. The world's at two biggest economies are locked in a trade war that started over allegations that China deploys predatory tactics in its bid to take over US technological dominance. China denies and engages in the behavior. President Trump is pledging to expand opportunity for Americans of every race religion and creed as he commemorates black history month speaking to one hundred Thursday at a White House reception. The president boasted about the economy and said the unemployment rate African Americans is that what he said the lowest level today. We're here to honor the extraordinary contributions of African Americans to every aspect of American life history and culture from the earliest days of this nation, African American leaders pioneers and visionaries have uplifted and inspired our country in art in science, literature law film, politics, business and every arena. Of national life, the depth and Laurie of these contributions are beyond measure, you know, it I know it and everybody knows it since the beginning of our Republic African Americans have given their heart their love and their very lives to the curse suit. And you know, this better than anybody. You have worked so hard. I guess when you get right down to it. We're all working very hard, but the pursuit of liberty and Justice for all. So we pledge in the honor of great African American community to build a future where every American child can live in safety dignity. Liberty and peace as Americans we all share the same dreams, the same hopes and the same magnificent destiny we are. Now, we are now and will forever be and will forever. Be one people one family and one glorious name. Shen under God. Trump also touted passage of criminal Justice reform that was passed in December. He says the nation sentencing laws disproportionately harm African American communities far greater than anyone else. In other news this morning here on America's First News. The editor of USA Today as apologize for an image. Portraying black face that was published in the Zona state university yearbook on her watch Nicole Carroll says she edited the ASU yearbook for one thousand nine hundred eighty eight eighty nine it had a photo of two people and black face pretending to be boxer Mike Tyson and his former wife Robin givens in a twist of irony. The racist image turned up during a review of yearbooks done by USA today. Journalists Carol says she was shocked to find the photo in the yearbook she edited and finally this morning here on America's First News. Why zebras have strikes? Well, it's the question that's been around as long as zebras have. Now, scientists from the university. Bristol and the university of California Davis think they may have the answer. The researchers dressed horses in black and white striped coats stood them with horses that were unadorned and waited for flies the same number of flies appeared to approach both types of courses. But researchers found that fewer horse flies landed on the ones decked out and stripe. So the conclusion of the stripe seemed to somehow confuse the horse flies as they tried to land on the stripe horses. That's just the stripes exist to give zebras protection from bloodsucking insects that can spread disease. Take us with you. Wherever you go down. I could use some of those stripes on the golf courses mosquitoes come at me take us with you wherever you go. Download the talks during free mobile app reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook, I met Matt Ray talk use the hashtag af en more breaking news on the way on this Friday morning. The twenty second day of February. I though a word from our sponsors. Hey, mike. How's the how's how's the? How's how's the? How's the house go?.

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