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Primary ways thumbs down is it's spreading. Yes more counties all the time I mean. There's there's more testing revealing more spread. Yes how else is it thumbs down the unwillingness of most politicians to accept the real issue deal with. Why are they not scared shitless about what this would mean for egg? They ought to be so everybody some guys like me. You're like what if how horrible would it be. What if a human see? WD But why why is the livestock industry not considering what's going to happen if cw spreads into sheep or cattle even like an. It'd be like an egg apocalypse. Well let's take another step further. Let's say Norway already. Banning the import agricultural products from CW positive areas because this trying to control cw outbreak break in reindeer and Norway. So you know how long has it until the EU bans agricultural imports from CW deposit various and as twenty six days. Right now have it. That's a lot of C-. WD positive areas NAG country. And you know they aren't. They're not paying attention. So I mean listen to me is is improving. They were we. Did I think three hearings this year in the House on. Cw De so. We're definitely making some progress in the sense of getting people be aware of this mark. VISI EASY WHO's a congressman from Texas. Ran that Fort Worth area. Who's going to get our big award this spring? You know he went to the floor and the during the appropriate are big award honors honors. One Democrat one Republican from the private sector every year and it's big fundraiser. In April Steve got the private sector a few years ago this year. You know the U A congressional are a mark easy From Texas and Garett Graves Republican from Louisiana but mark Visi went to the floor during the appropriations nations bill and offered amendment to add fifteen million dollars to go to state fishing game agencies to help with surveillance testing. Which is the first thing you need to do to get on top? Cw and that was unanimously adopted. Girl that comes over to the Senate just great and then you know the Senate Egg. Appropriations Committee cuts that down to five five million of which half went to state state agriculture departments for the captive services industry. So them to do testing. Who knows maybe do testing? I don't know we have no control over to try to breed yet a bigger buck. Well this year. Who knows what it's going to be? Maybe maybe it's going to be used for good things but given our scepticism says may USDA and how they've dealt with CD. We have very little if you told me that. They'll say there's two boxes amount of game show and there's two boxes and and behind each box like a behind one box of the car brand new truck in one box says CW D- Spreads leads to livestock and one box says CWC spreads to humans. And if I got the answer right I'd get the truck you tracking me. Yeah I would absolutely be the livestock one. Yeah no as much more than four legs eating the same grass all the rest. I don't know why so. That's one of these messes me about. CW D. is I look I'm like what am I missing. I'm scared shitless. Those people aren't scared. Maybe I'm wrong. Well I mean mainland. I mean there is a cottage industry out there folks who are disobeying this hoax. Not Be believed and I understand that part I get I I listen I try. I try not to be grouping dude on this stuff. How is it a hoax? Dear dies is laying there dead and it's got the symptomology you like. Where's the hoax? Always been around jumped to humans nothing to worry about did not come out of the cabinet served industry captive deer farms. have nothing to do with the spread. Had you yeah I agree with you. That's what I tell everybody. I'm like man I'd Yeah I. I hope I'm wrong on a lot of things every day. But the disease transmission stuff your research it's funded by the USDA like it all comes down like Iowa Ohio all these eggs schools. USDA is paying for a lot of that research and it's bizarre to me are. I'm trying to what's what's the late okay taxes how long one to Texas I get. Cw I don't know it was a while ago but it's done a much better job than other states controlling it Texas. The there was a recent case. I think in December. But I'm saying I'm trying to. I'm trying to better understand and I got a pretty like wd denier used to be sown on. Who didn't think it was a thing? Yes now see. WD denier is someone like this kind of stuff changes like being. I mentioned as being a Republican us. Be Free Trade now doesn't cw denier used to be that. You didn't think it was a thing now. It's morphed I into the thing but it doesn't matter it's like what it means to deny it has moved up. The current thing are peop- are there are people who are saying that a new state. CW So are they saying that if you went to Texas twenty years ago and did all the monitoring thank you would have found it like. It's always been there like what exactly. Yeah I don't want to try to get inside these guys heads but I think that's probably going to say yeah there's been around the neighborhood of you could have gone out and if you did all this testing now doing nobody was looking for it then you you know I think about you. Hear like Montana's first case a year or two ago and all of a sudden you look at like twenty some cases. We'll make yeah. We'll all of a sudden they're monitoring every deer that comes out of certain areas so you see a big increase and then now you have a baseline but if you go from zero. Testing testing that launch is going to give you an increase. What matters is after five years of testing? What happens if you talk to the you know the beautiful lovely Doug dern who's really out there in his area he's trying to be impactful about this and he's able to point to one task okay? We were doing exhaustive testing so we have multiple exhaustive testing to look at to see increase. But I just don't understand arguing that that was always there. 'cause I'm like where right now. If it was always there would be everywhere. Yeah so the. It's pretty clear and you can look at the maps that show this spread and this thing it doesn't it spreads like how shit spreads yes what it spreads faster shit spreads because he can throw a captive deer in the back of a truck and zip it across the country and you know on a Greyhound plus and all of a sudden mixing with other deer and getting dropped off here and getting one picked up there so yeah but when I was when you have a new infection infection you find a new infection. It spreads like in a way you would imagine it would spread. Yes like it's it's a circle that grows and grows and grows exactly and you you may pop up other places which you know you scratch your head about. But if that's the truck in listen it's not just cap guys could be me throwing a truck near deer in the back of my pick-up in driving a few states it's and addressing it and dumping it there. Well if you listen to the guys that are really. I don't WanNA use the word. The the people who are sounding the greatest alarm Why is it not that you move to hail prions are in the Hay Bale there in the dirt and he's he's taught you can't kill him? Why is it not moving? Hey Bill I mean you're exactly right. The frustrating part is an apple. I heard that recently members of Congress have staff and they ought to be better informed on this. I mean I had a member say to me while the end of the cooking meat longer than I've ever hundred degree Seventy done yeah. I think we should be throwing you know what if you're if you're a denier whatever that means these days God bless you. I feel like if you're a denial saying I feel like we should throw a lot of money at it so I could be proven right right dude I I would when I have an argument with someone I would spend money to prove. I'm right so prove you're right on a lot of money at it because this is like a hugh mangas deal and isn't that a hunting deal as does he already. That's my avenue into it but I will absolutely but if you care about even if you care about the livestock industry and I do. I'm like you know house ago. Save a cow stop condo. was that bumper sticker. Yeah like DOT COM does whatever. Yeah Dude Yeah so anyway. That's that's been really frustrating. Because we thought we had that fifteen million than the Senate cut it down to two and a half million and you divide two and a half million up between fifty states. Yeah just meaning practically ehlers think about We talk about these amounts of money than to think about like the wealth held by person Like Pippen Pittman Robertson morning. Jeff bezos could Jeff bezos could give that amount of money every year and not in not notice it. Yeah I was working with those guys in Sacramento and the One guy turned to me. And he's like yeah. You know this issue. It's just not you know. There's not not enough private money to fix this and I was like. Didn't you say the dude who owns this ranch owns three sports franchises Mike. I'm I think he just doesn't you want to pay for it all so we got to do is we got to get Congress to really step up in this issue. Now they did kick forward one point seven two million going to USGS US GS for additional research to see wd and that's good. There's also national academy science study is going to be going in to look at transmission vectors. Look at the. USDA USDA heard certification program. Which is joke and other things? So there's GonNa be some positive comes out of this year but just given the threat and how fastest thing spreading the notion in that we're GONNA kick out two and a half million dollars to state fish and wildlife ages. Expect that to make a difference is just incredibly frustrating. It is when you wake up in a few years. And you're watching. News footage of people using heavy equipment to dig bass of trenches that are burning millions of sheep and cattle like you did from Ireland when mad cow and scrapie down. Yeah then you'd be like don't PR modernisation this is. I'm a little cow. I'm a little I like if I'm a little skeptical. Skeptical down so thumbs thumbs up. You love it. Cal- he's like thumbs even now. Mainly I originally had the same reaction you guys did not. I don't I don't know I'm just sceptical. That's so let me give you a little background here. So folks over talking about so Pittman Robertson programs the excise tax that hunters pay on guns ammo archery equipment. They basically funds goes up to the states and funds conservation. There's an equivalent on the fish side. which was the dingle? We'll Johnson program name got changed. The name ingle Johns Dingle. John's names and that's the taxi. Pippen Roberson passed. I think in nineteen thirty six thirty thirty seven. Dingle Johnson passed in nineteen fifty. I think and so which kicks off more efficient one or the fishing tackle one of the hunt equipment one. I think they're more or less. Even there are a lot more fishermen but the hunters by a lot more especially am. Yeah but the fishermen man when they buy boat gas they by boat gas it goes at him by gas. That's it by an excise tax exactly so but in the fish side they can use a states can use a small percentage that for marketing marketing. Essentially to for our three as we call it to recruit retain reactivate anglers. So that's why you see things like the take me fishing program They've done a similar one reaching out Hispanic community the almost scar program. My Spanish is terrible. I apologize but those have really changed the decline in Fishing Branchville Bill. Two thumbs down Spanish. I two years of French. So yeah three thumbs down if I could dip so anyway so that the take me. Fishing campaign has really reversed the decline in fishing numbers. And it's going back up and he had a pretty aggressive rate nece reaching a lot of his. You know communities the Spanish community that typically get left in the cracks you know by our hunting and fishing community so but because of the nineteen thirties. Nobody could envision the need need to advertise and recruit hunters because everybody was hunting at that point either because of during the depression they needed food or post World War One going into World War Two the at large like a quarter as many Americans.

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