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I felt very good physically after hitting into strings, problems pitch. Saying physically wounded. Is better than last night in bed a little bit better. Obviously, there's another level for him, but I thought it was a step forward I don't know how he said he felt afterwards, but. I thought overall is better performance I still think once we get a real game going on with their without fans. another level of him skies all that good but I thought he was better than last. Overall yesterday was cody bellinger's twenty fifth birthday, and his manager talked about changes. That bellinger has made to his hitting mechanics since we had the shutdown in mid March. Coating over orange team. In Arizona working at. Dance? James that you look at put. IS ON CBS different? It was last year. For coding for us is just more. At. Taking up the new mcadoo's little bit time. Great evening while the. or infamous words he did not get. As finished season And the oath that. He was on James came up with. The change feels really comfortable, whereas at, can we? SEE The results share. Nozzles Snyder right now, but I think that it's a it's individual is field. Is Mama's. Yes confidence. In talking. Guys. As baseball ramped up. We heard that Charlie Blackmon the All Star outfielder. Rocky tested positive for coronavirus well, he's back on the field and he spoke with reporters yesterday I feel great, I have felt that way for at least a couple of weeks now I had. a day and a half of symptoms and then. After that I started feeling much better. And I. Yes, I mean I I. I WANNA. Be ready for opening day That's a pretty short period of time to get ready for a major. League, Baseball. So I'll I'll do my best, and that's that's kind of a goal. The athletic reports in Major League, baseball and the Players Association have reached an agreement as how to deal with contract, options and bonuses in this short in two thousand and twenty season. We've seen some real baseball injuries Byron. Bucks into the twins hurt his left foot tracking. Apply Ball and Monday and was carted off, but it looks like he could be okay. Manager Rocco Bowl Deli said the team is cautiously optimistic. He's quote. Fortunately. Relatively speaking, the initial once-over didn't show anything which I take as a cautiously optimistic, good sign Baltimore Orioles left hander tie block will undergo season any Tommy John Surgery shortstop Ricci Martin. Martin will have an operation on right risk. That will sideline two to three months. Robinson Chirinos the veteran catcher, playing with the Texas. Rangers had rolled ankle when a teammate slid into him at home plate on Monday. The initial images that were taken on x Ray came back negative. The manager Chris Woodward acknowledged that it's concerning to say the least when you ever catch. Your role is rolling his ankle, so we'll get more information about that probably later today the Detroit. Tigers cut ties with Zach Godly. Giving the right hander, his release Ron Gardenhire the Detroit manager said the move was made to give. Give Godly a chance to catch on with another team. hard-throwing Cardinals Reliever Jordan. Hicks has opted out of the season. We're going to be talking about that with Golda. The Saint Louis Post dispatch coming up a cubs manager David Rawson five other tier. One individuals did not attend the team's workout on Monday because they had not gotten. Test results back on. This was don out of a feeling of caution that they didn't want to. Potentially expose players to staffers who may have been positive for coronavirus and Robinson casinos situation continues to be murky. He's not working out with the mets. He's not with a team. Team and it's unclear whether he'll be available or potentially will opt out before we get to talk about that in many bell of MLB. Dot Com to discuss the Cleveland. Baseball franchise a heads up season. Eight of the ESPN's latest thirty for thirty podcast is here heavy metals inside the Karoly gymnastics empire, a groundbreaking seven part podcast series that takes listeners on a deep dive into the lives and influence a Bela and Marta Karolyi, the most successful and controversial coaches in USA. Gymnastics, history subscribe now to the thirty for thirty feet to listen to the entire season on apple, podcast or every. Get Your podcast numbers. Length, Zeh report under producer Brett Melby Dot, com and Sarah I was just mentioning about how Robinson Cano was not been on the field yet for the mets and there's a lot of questions about You know if he's going to participate when he's going to participate at the very least, it doesn't look like he'll. He'll be available to start of games. You know the mets well. Established on this podcast. You have been a crazy mets fan threat your lifetime. What do you think the mets best and be options are if he's a No-go? Yes I mean first of all you know. With everything going on in the world, I really hope everything is okay but aside from that and I think that when we found out about the National League, having a d. h., or when those rumors began I remember mentioning that if suspect weren't able to go, which now it looks like that he will be. The canot could potentially be a good option. Even there so I think that that's almost a way that I've started to re imagine that Infield. Infield and outfield for them without him playing position in there, even before all this but I think the most famous thing without really introducing any names from the minors or anyone that the mets are a little or the fans might be unfamiliar with would probably just be moving Jeff McNeil to second base from third putting. Jd Davis at third base and then having dom. Smith Clang field regularly. Assuming that you want us to suspect is going to be. And couldn't play the field and you know I mean from the Macneil side I don't think there's really any downside he was actually. He had the same number of above average at both second base and third base last year knee actually played more second than anything else in two thousand eighteen when he first came out so i..

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