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Today then did at the beginning of the process she thought it was going to go the other way and you know about that you're right that was not very cunning not very much at all welcome to the fifth day of the circus why do we go from quid pro quo to extortion now to bribery Donald J. trump I followed the directions of the president you have said even though no one believes you don't know the whistle blower is constitutional justice that's what I want for me I was the facts on the president's side process is certainly not no I'm not gonna tell you some even Democrats are a little confused about where to go the the with this one for example member of Congress from ball to from Detroit Michigan Brenda Lawrence take a listen to what she was asked about what she wanted to have done Brenda Lawrence does not support engagement that's not what you said the headline is as the congresswoman from Detroit and Grosse Pointe does not support impeachment in an election year she wants the president's censured for history yes dads when she said she wants him censured for history so in other words he'll he'll get a strongly worded letter in his resume that's about the size of it and that's how foolish the Democrats are being they now have their own members out trying to make the public argument against the idea of seeking the impeachment of Donald Trump having promised impeachment and a vote by thanksgiving having failed to deliver having promised impeachment and a vote by Christmas they now have their own membership running around saying well maybe we'll just slap him on the hands really really hard and see how that works out this is where they have ended up in this is why the Democrat party is going to have so many troubles next year they're going to go all the way to the election insisting that Donald Trump must be dealt with he must be pushed out of office well I'm gonna tell you.

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