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Marquette university following the wisconsin supreme court decision in the mcadams versus marquette case breaking this morning professor mcadams thanks for being here we talked about your delight with the decision obviously is going on for a long time three years to be precise so when we talked about marquette university as an institution obviously there was a panel of your peers who said that this was not the right conduct and that the chicago forward in the suspension should continue you will return to marquette university do you think that there are some cooler heads who have said all along good for you this is freedom of speech right on we want to join you yes absolutely have been included a few marquette faculty who supported me only to current faculty overtly supported me one of them was dan mcguire maguire is famous as the lefty at marquette who's always supported abortion always supported gay marriage holly supported euthanasia he's been at marquette since about nineteen seventy and marquette has always upheld his academic freedom in so credit him with consistency he insisted that yes i have academic freedom to and several people who've emailed me but don't want their name us it's important to remember that in academia often conservatives keep their head down they fear repercussions if they should be outspoken about about views that post to well the more outspoken and militant leftist i wouldn't say outspoken and militant leftist dominate the faculty at marquette but they dominate the people who will speak out who will create an uproar on any particular issue so if you're the administration or marquette and want to placate the people who are complaining to you who are creating a fuss yeah you're gonna placate the leftist on the faculty well and and so much of this really rises above whatever those issues are whether it's an issue of the left or an issue of the right and so really what this be came about much to the dismay of market university was that that freedom of speech because in we'll hear from ralf weber the marquette attorney in the next hour but on their side it was it was something much different than that freedom of speech and so when this prevails like like you had fought for this really is a victory for very speech marquette claims that this poor graduate student who got unkind emails in the wake of my blog post apparently not from anyone who read my blog but when it went national that that is my fault but anyone knows that if a journalist out exposures misconduct yes there may be people out there who behave inappropriately marquette is actually claimed at charlotte the graduate instructor got threats that's just flatly untrue about admitted essay she got threats oh did you get some very unkind emails yep absolutely but that can happen to anybody who's misconduct is exposed and know when people are engaged in misconduct typically journalist do name them like oh gosh wasn't gonna last week some congressional staffer shouted obscenities at president trump and guess what media report that staffers name so what i did was simply normal journalism what journalist always do and so i don't know to what extent marquette was really sincerely offended this per per graduate student emails or whether this was simply a pretext because i have a history of creating trouble just by supposing things that go on at marquette like for example a mural on a university office wall that celebrated a cop killer named assata shakur you know that's just one of many things on exposed so it's hard it's hard to know what folks well in in in obviously this is going to continue on i think you now have a new platform in renewed spirit of caring for freedom of speech and really representing representing marquette university and helping students understand that for for their studies and further future going forward professor mcadams i probably have a very busy day ahead of you congratulations for for for this decision and i wish you the best thank you so much thank you all right have a great day up next we will hear from marquette university ralf weber following the decision mcadams versus marquette but right now the news welcome back tracy johnson filling in for c on wtmj he's taking.

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