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Seven to a schoolteacher. He was taught reading writing and arithmetic at a very early age at twelve. He contracted scarlet fever. That left him almost deaf for the rest of his life by the time he was thirteen. His entrepreneurial side had emerged. He was bringing in fifty dollars a week selling newspapers and candy on the trains and worked himself into the role of telegraph operator for the train. His genius is never more clear than when he decided. In order to make more money selling newspapers. He should just sell his own newspaper. And thus he created the grand trunk herald at twenty two. He got his first patent with his invention of electric vote recorder at twenty seven. He invented a better telegraph machine and sold it to his employer for ten thousand dollars around two hundred thirty thousand dollars in today's money. He used that money to create a research and development facility and menlo park new jersey. his facility would create. Lightbulbs microphones electric lights batteries and hundreds of other inventions in eighteen eighty. He was producing fifty thousand lamps per year and his menlo park facility had grown to occupy two city blocks. Edison was always concerned with america's dependence on other nations and spent a great deal of time creating alternatives finol for an example an ingredient in aspirin and explosives came from germany. Edison figured out how to create it here in rubber. Rubber was completely imported from abroad but was very important to henry ford and harvey firestone two of his friends together. They provided financial assistance. So edison could try to make rubber here and after seventeen thousand attempts to figure it out. He learned that he could make rubber from the goldenrod plant. Edison also spent time lobbying the government to order a new some of his inventions which were often safer and more efficient because it was safer than lead acid batteries. He convinced them to start using his alkaline batteries and electronic mail explosives and sound detection devices. he also felt could be useful to the government. Edison passed away in nineteen thirty one from complications to diabetes. Having one thousand ninety three patents to his name from the invention of his motion picture camera. Edison had also created a motion picture company which made nearly twelve hundred films..

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