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Bring you balance, not biased, impacting you. I wanted to know if I had this genetic marker, your community that was one of the thoughts that kept going through my mind was, um I'm going to see my babies again and because of your donation, I am your family. My husband and I had been trying for a year without any success. News Nation Is your news every hour in prime time. Seven nights a week on Lee on WGN America, Check your cable or satellite listings funds, too. Worry from Rich Cohen's pee wees. Rich Cohen's Pee Wee's Rich Cohen is an author he's written about the Chicago Bears The Chicago Cubs. He lives out East. No, this family's kids, Aaron peewee hockey. So now instead of talking about the 2016 world serious, he's talking about all tiny kids skating around trying to be hockey players. Travel teams and in various house leagues and how insane the parents get, and he is one of them, he said. There's two kinds of people in the world. Those of us that are insane and those who just don't get it. And some of the stories he tells our about youth hockey parents. But really, they're about soccer parents and volleyball parents and baseball parents. And I'm thoroughly enjoying the book even as I see a little bit of myself in the rear view mirror. He'll join us in about a week or so. I think we have an exact date for it. But if you want to tap into that, maybe give it to your husband or wife and say, Hey, hon, just a little light reading here. It's called Rich Cohen's pee wees. Okay, so happy Ground Hog day to you yesterday. Stephen Tobolowsky joining us He was that Ned Ryerson on ground Hog day, and I asked him a little bit about why the show was such a success. I can't think of another one of those movies I've ever been in that had this history to it is the one ground hog day came out critically. It got kind of Three out of four stars and about four weeks after the movie was released. Trevor Albert, our executive producer, called me at home. It's a Stephen, I think we're in a hit. And I go. What do you mean to have her? He says. I don't know if your audience knows the classic profile of the release of the movie, A movie is released, and ordinarily, it makes a huge amount of money. That first week and the second week the movie plays. It plays at a reduction of 55 0% of audience. That is the standard ground. Hard days went up. The second week, and it went up the third week and it went up the fourth week, which was absolutely unheard of, and that's why we thought Oh, my goodness, This is something special. Well, if you think about it, or if you watch it again, and I've done that. Maybe you forget, but are then reminded how dark the movie is. I mean, it's Bill Murray and you are hilarious, but it's certainly has a dark side about three quarters of the way through when he realizes he can't get out of this. Repeating loop, and he tries to kill himself, sometimes in comical ways. But the movie gets a little dark, doesn't it? Oh, no wonder if that's why it's sort of had this enduring appeal. It's not a one off Bill Murray and I. We began shooting that street scene, the first scene of the first day of shooting the movie..

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