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Being a grandma groper she was confronted by a family from Saudi Arabia after she allegedly grabbed the mother's buttocks that's when it got ugly the lady Lisa apparently groped his wife once and then she did it again but she got up and she groped the husband so after she has been she turns around and tells the husband that you you need to take your family go back to where you came from sent these ambulance tells news channel eight Madison offended the Saudis the captain of the ship says even he was groped and that's when you turn the boat around and return to tarpon springs were Madison was arrested the Tampa Bay rays are supposed to be meeting today with the mayor of Saint Petersburg talking about the team's future in Tampa Bay the Tampa Bay rays are scheduled to meet Tuesday was Saint Petersburg city leaders it'll be the first time both sides have sat down face to face since the team announced several weeks ago it wants to play half of its games each year in Montreal race principal owner Stuart Sternberg we'll be discussing the team's future with Mary Christman the meeting is scheduled to last two hours Mike Stevens newsradio WFLA Sarasota Republican congressman Vern Buchanan says more than six million dollars from the national institutes of health may be directed to research on red tide and its effects on humans thanks to a bill that he sponsor Dr Kurt Volker and Sarasota Memorial Hospital says physicians will come up to him with questions he can answer is there a correlation between this disease process from seeing and read time in my answer to them is we just don't know Walter says they do know that the neurotoxins in red tide can accumulate in the liver and in the brain and then cause inflammation which is linked to a host of neurological disorders Buchanan's bill already passed the house and he expects the Senate to do the same lifeguards are speaking out about beach safety after a terrifying lightning strike on Sunday team work and quick thinking are credited with helping victims of the strike on Clearwater beach in Pinellas county when eight people were hit by lightning not duty nurse and others started performing CPR until paramedics arrive life guard Donovan says leave the beach when lifeguards ask you to we.

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