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The fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of sampling with character. Right. And what we'd raffling turned nineteen as they partnered with e f location, I and Kenyans ram today, we are in bed owner. Say. She says she say, say. That she. We'd always Donyell we're in Verona city of love. Yes, we go. I think it was head us Verona funds behind this has Vernon when the two major closer vet. Oh, not the other one being Richard. Cable. Well, the we were played in there with some, some noise som atmosphere from the arena, the softer Lynn, where I sat all after noon. I sleep baking in the heat Julian Assange, surrounded by Quitorio, Innis me, see. Could say marooned in no no to this wasn't mentioned the were hundreds, if not thousands of Ecuadorians in their INA? I sat with them, and it was a tremendous heartless fear, and it was very emotional. There were people around me shaking crying, you know, the build up to carapace rich akara pas, leaving star star to his time trial was really charged. And then when he finished. An amazing atmosphere. And I think for the first time in was being a quite a kind of lukewarm Jiro hasn't really caught fire. I fell real sense of men for counterparts to become the first equa Ecuadorian to win a grand tour. And just what his kind of standing status will not be in Ecuador. Well, I'm rich it's a country, which has a population of seventeen million people. But as far as sport is concerned, isn't half the same glorious history of some of the South American nation's and highpoint was probably Andrey undersco underscores victory in the French Open in singles title way when singles title in nineteen ninety. They go to the courts fine of the football World Cup and they lost to England. Didn't they we signed the lost World Cup of the previous one and, but that was seen as a pretty high water Mark, in terms of Ecuadorian sporting history. And we heard earlier in well, our coverage there isn't although there are few Ecuadorian cyclist. I three in this geo. There isn't really a, a scene inadequate or writers have to go to Columbia to kind of develop. One thing I've been till this, this huge rivalry between Ecuador and Colombia. And yet it was very notable today. The Colombian writers McGowan Lopez in particular when he appeared in the arena, and he got huge cheer from the Ecuadorian. So that was that was interesting. And it was a I mean worth praising the Geeta organizers for tremendous commercial piece finish to the race here. Yeah. Not the first time the racist finished in the arena in Verona last time is in two thousand and ten. And it works ESP today, there was not an awful lot to play for car pass the overall classification, pretty much sewn up. Most of the places will pretty much sewn up apart from Mikhailova, who is in third overnight, but was in third. Yes, he wasn't. But it was almost a formality that he was gonna lose out to pre most rogue Lynch buys wall happened. So it could have been an anti-climax put for those who were here. I didn't feel like one of tool did it well in this episode our final episode from the GPO, although we will have a press commerce so later in the week, and we are going to hear from a low of writers with their best and worst moments from the Jerusalem. Some really. I mean, let's say it for war buses all I can say is fantastic story from Larry war. Bus from this Chiro stage today was won by Chad Haga the American writer on team son whip night if he'd listened to our two zero on frady, which was called Nossa. Ars focused on the teams have won a stage, the jeeter on his sports rights mart reef that say that Haga was really targeting this, this time trial. And that he was very optimistic. He did say that he thought five was, you know, the target. So I think his performance exceeded expectations poodle. Victocrat nour's. He was in the seat went Haga came in and four seconds sore..

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