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In Westchester this week. Butler County Coroner has identified the victims as 80 year old Thomas cozy, 77 year old Carol cozy and 56 Year old Jennifer Cozy a second person now facing charges after last month's shooting outside of the Springdale, Dave and Buster's A man was shot in the back during a fight and now a Hamilton County grand jury has indicted Sierra Godfrey for Felonious assault and weapons related counts. The same charges that John Perez was charged with earlier this month. Meantime, a Forest Park mother is now facing child endangering charges after she allegedly left a loaded handgun at a day care in Springfield Township. 28 year old mahogany. Armstrong is accused of concealing a nine millimeter handgun and the diaper bag of her six month old daughter and then left it with the staff. That bag was then left in the infant room of the daycare. The weapon was later discovered when a staff member went to give Armstrong's daughter a diaper change in her court record. Police say Armstrong endangered all of the Children who were present. Thankfully, no one was injured. Rick you Chino, NewsRadio, 700 WLW and a handful of Senate Democrats have now drafted a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, erasing convictions and charges of marijuana possession. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon says the bill should appeal to those lawmakers who want states to make their own decisions on legalization. What this bill does. Is we decriminalize at the federal level, but we don't require states to legalize. Majority leader Chuck Schumer says There are not enough votes in the bill. Right now. They are working to get other lawmakers on board on Wall Street right now, the Dow was up 55 points. The NASDAQ is up three. The S and P is up, 10. I'm Jack Crumley. Our next update at 2 30 breaking news anytime. NewsRadio 700 wlw 2021 is the 25th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The last Comprehensive update to Internet regulation. The Internet has experienced more than a few updates since 1996. But Internet regulations have not..

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