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And is the United States headed back to a party tug of war between the presidency and Republicans in control of Congress. It Baxter is here looking at the midterm elections. Yeah, that's the story and the drama, Juliette, the latest polls going into today's U.S. midterm elections are presenting data that Republicans will take back control of the house all seats are up of course. But that the Senate with over 30 seats up for grabs still ready to toss up. Joining us is live as a Rick Davis Bloomberg politics contributor partner at stone court capital, Rick thanks so much. The Senate, Georgia, Pennsylvania, all eyes forward with four others in key in Georgia very, very early results. This is the Warnock walker and I'm seeing that Warnock has about 60% of the vote at this point. You can't tell anything for that at this point, though, can you? No, that's right. It's way too early in the evening for these polls that have just closed at 7 o'clock. Typically you have early votes that are cast as sometimes to get counted early ballots usually come from city centers, not urban areas or rural areas, which is where Republicans tend to pick up some vote later in the evening. So the night is young. Don't get too excited about any of these numbers right now. And in Georgia, neither one of these candidates has seen anything close to 50% in polling. Now, Pennsylvania, the polls don't close until 8, but they don't even start counting until that time, correct? That's right, Pennsylvania one of the states that set aside all these early ballots until the election is closed. And then they start counting first election day ballots. So it's exactly the opposite, for instance, of a state like Arizona that has already counted. It's pre election day ballots, and are just going to be counting election day ballots tonight. Now, what do you make of the very early reports today out of Arizona that there was some problems with some reading of machines that already some people have jumped on that saying, claiming election fraud, is this just dramatic now? Is it real now is just pointing toward 2024 and back to 2020? Yeah, first of all, I mean, elections tend to be messy, right? There's technology involved. There's paper involved. There are people involved. Those are usually three bad combinations. And in Arizona, they had a glitch in their systems that affected about a quarter of the machines that are in Maricopa County, the largest county in Arizona. And they were able to get it fixed relatively quickly, but they have provisions for that. You know, you can mark a paper ballot and have it set aside for you, or you can go to another ballot location, doesn't have one of the machine problems. So it shouldn't affect a single vote, really. And it's not meant to be any kind of problem other than a technical glitch that got fixed pretty quickly. So yeah, in this day and age, everything's about fraud and losers are going to claim fraud and winners are going to claim fraud. So it's unfortunate, but we do have very good elections in this country. And so far today, no real problems, not even that Arizona problem should affect one single vote. Now, we have a tendency because all the polling shows the house is just going to be flipped over the GOP, so not a lot of conversation or talk about that is that right, is there any chance in the gods green earth that the Democrats can hold on to the house? It's tough. I mean, a lot of it is historical. The average loss for a party in power is 26 seats. And that's with a couple of aberrations like in 2020 2002 when we were in the middle of the 9 11 situation and George Bush actually picked up 8 seats as a party in power. So everybody thinks that that's going the historical trends hold still. It should be around 25 to 35. House members that change party that go from Democrat to Republican. But look, I mean, this is the best part of elections. That can change everything. And yet history is on the side of the Republicans tonight. All right. Hey, Rick, thank you so much. We appreciate it. We will all look forward to your coverage with David Westin and Jeannie Sanchez, Zeno. That begins in what about 20 minutes from now here on Bloomberg special coverage. In San Francisco, I met Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Thank you, Eddie. Let's get to Dan Schwartzman. We're looking at global sports on daybreak Asia. Dano Formula One big race, right? Yeah but this one dug with Formula One growing more popular in the U.S., the racing circuit announcing that Las Vegas will be hosting a street race in mid November of 2023 that will include the famed Las Vegas Strip as part of the course. The U.S. is not going to be hosting three total races next season, one in Miami in one year Austin, Texas, Barcelona opening up a 5 point lead over Real Madrid in the La Liga table, heading into the World Cup break, the blau grana winning on the road at osasuna two to one despite both Robert Lewandowski and Gerard Piqué leaving the match at red cards in the first half. PK was playing his last match for barsa after shocking the announcing his retirement earlier this week, injured New York giant safety Xavier McKinney says he isn't sure he will be returning this season after suffering a hand injury while vacationing in Mexico during the team's biweek, the

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