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The love joins Gordon. They're on the right side as well. Adam luck Brady's under center. He takes the Skopje currency. Klay fakes the white moles up. Rosa leper adamant touchdown patriots tasks money, grow grow patriots radio network. Their New England leads Miami twenty fourteen in the second quarter Brady has gone twelve or fourteen through the air one hundred forty three yards. Two touchdown throws. Meanwhile, the Panthers and Browns are tied at fourteen Christian McCaffrey has two touchdown runs. The giants lead the Redskins ten nothing. The science high. Powered offense is dormant Tampa Bay up on New Orleans seven nothing in the second quarter. I'm Brian Finley. They. Sports red zone. With Mark Willard and rich Hornberger the plate. Your teams your. All broken down right here. Foxsports red zone radio is now. Gyco Fox Sports radio studios. Here's Mark Willard and six year NFL veteran rich orangeburg fourteen in the National Football League. How ball will score? That's the rule for the patriots. And the dolphins today is Brandon Bolden runs in the second time today to carries sixty yards two touchdowns dolphins lining up or an extra points and take the lead. Listen. And when when a team and offensive coordinator knows that you have the.

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