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You're seven feet, you could shoot the lane. The last time we saw you your average twenty two and eight. Okay. All right. A new shoot nearly forty percent for point register for the field and long. Exactly, this is the bottom line. The upside is there we're in the business of trying to accumulate talent. If you're an NBA team. So you don't give a damn about his spills? So max Kellerman a native New Yorker supposedly knick fan. Got di. Living at Louisville. Living in New York, you're sitting up here and you're saying to New York City, but get job. But I wanna think about this. How would it has busy saying? Tech play Bill. Simmons has a theory euro out after forty years to switch allegiance from team if they don't give you a championship. I bring that. It's been forty six years for the Knicks your allow Semin set your in my in my on. No, no, no, I and also I don't think you need forty years even thinking for you the one that brought him up, especially if you you live in New York, you deserve the best in the Yankees. You deserve the reason upset at Cashman. He's a great GM. But he's not the best in the business. He's losing to the Red Sox in the same division out of the question out of the question. New york. Yankees fans deserve the best New York Giants fans among the best franchises. They can do better. They should be the best franchise. The New York. Knicks are laughing stock. I encourage New Yorkers to start sniffing around for other teams. I would say the lessons that I learned in my in my Seder, Stephen at Passover where where we related to old what they call negro spirituals who related back to the to the exits where they said where let my people go. That's right. We've seen that around the pattern. Let my people go. Yes. You need to let Porzingis go. Let him go and be great somewhere. Don't have this franchise ruin him. And I would say Knicks fans also allowed to leave unto favorite, please go to commercial. Here's the deal thirty four days after becoming US offensive coordinator. Click Kingsbury was named head coach of the cardinals on Tuesday. Kingsbury becomes the eighth coach hired under the age of forty five. Joining Sean McDermott that Patricia my Sean McVeigh Matt Nagy Kyle Shanahan and Matt. Stomach socks were joining us. Now, speaking of the youth movement doing dominate going good. I feel I might look young feel. It's all up here age ain't nothing. But a number maxim looking at you for this one is this youth movement were staying in the NFL a good thing. Yes. Of course. I mean what you don't want. There are coach Bruce Arians, right? Who should get other head coaching jobs because they're excellent coaches. And then there are guys. And I'm critical of the giants a lot when I say the worst kind of impulses of their conservative attitude like there are lots of good impulses about conservative attitudes things that have always worked. You know? They don't you don't just abandon them. For example. If you should have a good offensive line things like that. But but coaches who give GM's and coaches GM's give ownership the feeling that they used to have from coaches GM's. That's not that's like lazy thinking, that's that's that's not good. It's a bad impulsive conservatism. The right coaches right now are the offense of coordinators, especially with those big twelve. Type of concepts, and you that you could argue that that's lazy thinking that. Offensive coordinators are good coaches, young coaches copy. No, that's Lisi thinking if you just take cliff Kingsbury for, but if you are looking for the kinds of guys who were get like, for example, Lincoln Riley is going to be a head coach in the NFL one day. You think there's going to be a bidding war for him?.

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