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You keeping indoors. Of course you are. Of course you are because you're a sensible lot well done but look. I'm not talking about that because it's you know every time we switch on the radio. Which on the tally. We read the papers. There is what we really need is a pair of escapism. And I can't think of a better way than to delve back into the mind of Mr Karl Pilkington. Who came to say as a few weeks? Back Book are gone to that in a second. Now I'll be honest with you trying times for all of us off employees work in in the arts Spoken to a lot of the podcast as as well what we're going to try. And they was going to think outside the box what we with the right for the next month. We've got your back. I've got episodes in the bank and the role kraken and a car white veto lesson after possibly before the what were thinking of doing is to plan out with an idea is to get you involved a listener and I was watching a bit of Roma Shrunk Nathan and Cheney Redknapp during his term live. Talk the other night and I thought whoa something people would want to get involved with them. We could do that. Could we saw photograph? We're GONNA work out a way how to get it sounded readiness and maybe we can record input our podcast as well. So if you haven't joined instagram. I think now would be the best time to do. So you can get joining. So the plant is that I saw a guest. So it's me on the guest on instagram will do. A talk is not going to be as in depth. It's not could be an hour. I'm thinking maybe three four minutes or something like that. We'll have a little talk and then you the listener get your questions. Ready Penghu amounts on instagram and We'll answer them. Guess will answer them so we all get involved in the conversation as that sound so keep your feeds open and ready joins. Graham get ready. We're hoping we're going to solve this within a week booked I'm GonNa once and got the guest. I will saw out a date and a time. And then I'll do a little announcement on this platform and on social media as well and then we will join and we will have a big old lovely conversation. Does that sound good loud sounds I think it could be a real bows now also a massive thank you to everybody the supporters on Patriot. And I'll pay radio list of livelihoods gone You know All productions have ceased. They've devote posed. I don't know when any filming is going to be happening again in his loud people. I know they're in the same about but also you know. Friends who will restaurants producers directors states crew crew television film all in the same boat. So if anything that you can do to help those supporting Kate. This podcast going. I understand that it's testing times for all of us and we've got a really knuckle down but if you do want suppose then.

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