Iaea, President Trump, Nuclear Weapons discussed on Arms Control Wonk - Banning the Bomb III: Subsection B


Because to adequately verified prohibited fans under this treaty you do need to give the iaea the maximum amount of tools to not only conclude that you that your declared materials are in peaceful uses but the irish also be able to draw conclusions about the absence of undeclared activities and materials and right now the ice as that the they need the additional protocol for that so we may not have advanced the safeguards discussion much on that front but there was verification issues that cropped up in the next article as well which is the the framework really to gets at nuclear weapons possessors on board with the treaty and a hypothetical future scenario and originally in in previous podcast on this subject you can listen to us talk about the rationale that the president gave for having different pathways that nuclear weapons disasters could use to to become part of the treaty and and they're still multiple pathways in in this latest version of the article that they've change somewhat there's in short a an option for a country with nuclear weapons to eliminate things on its own and then joined the treaty there's an option for them to express a desire to disarm join the treaty and then come up with the approach to disarmament in partnership there with some unspecified competent international thority or with the state's parties and then there's a kind of other pathway for a countries who have nuclear weapons stationed on their soil but where those nuclear weapons are not owned by dot state party so here we're talking about nato basing states at the moment so there's this three things all in one article and verification attempts to go alongside each of those things were what reviews on those the the whole issue of disarmament investigation wind from a practically nonexistent in the pre glaciation discussions to to this protracted technical debate that gave us an article with what six paragraphs and.

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