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Louis replaced his girl singer at the time Willie, an carol with the person who would probably become his The person who was most closely connected to him in history who is Keely Smith Do you guys know who Kelly Smith is? You too have you seen her before? No bite okay. So if you have a chance, you have to watch some video of Louis Prima and Kelly Smith. The thing that made it work is that killed Smith is a very almost looks like Wednesday addams she had a very like. short haircut. Very. Sort of STOIC look to her she barely moved when she was on stage they were total opposites. He would jump around the stage, hit an overly expressive face, his voice again, his his sound was kind of all over the place he would. Marble his words and so on. Kili just stayed completely still most the time had a stoic look on her face and has a beautiful voice and it just worked the juxtaposition worked so well in their vocals and on and their on stage presence and. and. The two of them and. And Sambu Tara. were, who was the saxophone player and sort of his bandleader. The three of them were kind of the glue and just dynamic in their performances both on albums and on stage. So in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, two prima divorced trae, Saline Barrett, and Lady, and married Keely Smith. How. They were married. Yeah. They were married. They had a child. At this time also Prima Louis Prima and Keely Smith recorded old black magic which earned them a grammy for best performance by a vocal group or chorus at the first Grammy Awards No. I'm saying. And they also appear together in the film. Hey, boy hey, girl which saw so a good song. A So. They had a lot of success. Frank Sinatra asked him to perform at the inauguration of JFK in sixty one. which was great year he was traveling lot shortly after that he and Smith divorced onstage and off stage. And he replaced her in nineteen, sixty, two with GM. And Guess. Who He later married. So. What are we on five year? We're on five we're at five and I will say we are on the the last. The last wife. They. Two Children Louis his only son Louis, Prima Junior, as well as Leena Prima who are both musicians. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, seven. Louis. Prima. This is what most people know him from lent ended the role of King Louis in the jungle book performing the famous I wanna be like you. If you have a chance, you should also watch the videos of him and his band performing they have you know back then they would record the people who were doing the voices to see if get anything out of them. He is King Louis jumping around this stage he is King Louis so they used a lot of his persona and personality in that character he went onto record albums with with Disney both this he did to jungle book albums and he also did an album four Robin Hood I think is called make way for Robin Hood. I forget but he did a couple of. Actually he did a a bunch of albums with bonus of his records for. which is which is Disney. Obviously you. I'm watching I'm watching videos of Lebron Smith and IT'S Phenomenal, the way even with the sound off. So they're singing like they're obviously do other cigarettes close together and then they rub their noses together..

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