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But great to be with you hope you had the best weekend you could of course different times trying times but we reconvene as a show and happy to be with your with your camera John Richard Purcell Sir back from a three day vacation as well in the Sarich originally going one Joe John hi hello I am amazed to inform you this is incredible cats yep can't taste anything capwealth stink it tasting stuff humans to give an example yep humans have around nine thousand taste buds okay cats have four hundred and seventy three and they just they they put to do they work I guess they work but they only have the ability that to distinguish all the tastes will get a taste a little bit I mean we can I mean that's a disaster that is I think about that cats have led a group of four hundred seventy taste what's mean appeared in nine thousand I feel for Kellogg no wonder they eat that food and they're okay with that well can you give us here's the thing like if you have a cat and you're trying to get like the fanciest beast for them that'll never words waste of time four hundred seventy taste buds go it all taste the same two one go all right I feel for cats today I wasn't expecting this to go back to a shelter welcome back buddy APLE fellas I mean how you feel what I'm feeling right now good no worries I'm yeah I'm healthy and happy and all that you know then you had been it was planned because yes planned vacation no worries we're all good John hi how you doing coming out of the weekend I mean I'm sure a lot of boredom you in family everyone get out now boredom I got none I got no boredom in my house I think my children are bored okay all right it feels like there's a lot of teaching yep that's involved in my life now but I'll tell you that right M. yes right the teacher well okay but okay yeah you got a shot you've got the remote learning going on right now yep so I have one in high school one in middle school one in elementary school I'm getting these emails from teachers all of their teachers and they never identify themselves like I guess I guess they assume that you know like all the kids in their class only have you know like parents that have everyone sorted all the teacher's name stored in their ads perfectly yeah I have no idea who these emails are coming from they don't identify themselves at the beginning of the email like Hey I'm the seventh grade math teacher it's always just right into it like Hey you got to download this this this this and this and it takes me forever to like decode who's who that makes sense I don't know what is going on like I feel like I've got so much to learn before I can even help them learn sure so it's been a little bit frustrating you should he win time consider triplets what should happen well we decided that it had a good night I can't that seems very difficult in the early going all right I knew phone number for about a week or so ago two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four the a phone number to weigh in today obviously what your story is that B. and homebound we'd get a love to hear from you that's gonna be a you know obviously part of this moving forward and you know we do still have some free agency to react so and again two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four now there's a lot still to happen in free agency there's guys like Jason Peters that are still on site we'll see what you know where that goes Adler course gone to the raiders eagles with and new safety into linebacker over the weekend nothing of of of big no want one guy John a big no he's not free agent franchise by his team but a player that we certainly talked about and it merits even more conversation his he continued over the weekend to give big time waiting to see if you will I don't know what term you say it was a pleasure vehicles it seems Jana can gawk we over the weekend for those that missed it last week at one point he tweeted denied the the bird thing the vulture one point he tweeted a picture Reggie white in an eagles Jersey then over the weekend Janaka Gach way goes with the Trent Cole tweet yes that's right Trent call obviously a really good eagles pass rusher one of the best you know you got Reggie got Clyde Simmons you gotta train call you talk about the great sack leaders in eagles history that's your top three we go strangle now it really seems John it seems like the guy wants to play for the eagles we know we doesn't want to play for Jacksonville that's well established we know the eagles have a draft pick that could be utilized to try to acquire him he's going to be an expensive guy because your course you're gonna have to sign up he's played four years later stabbed himself as one of the better pass rushers of football so it begs the question amongst other things a two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four what should the eagles go is this the moment when you go if you want to put it for lack of a better way to put it all in all Yanni Kim Godwin John how would you play the first of all let me leave it open to the possibility his name might be unique yeah I know I don't want you to go all like Hey I'm grouped into this name so I can't charge sorry I'll name yeah everybody is you better ours does that I this I feel like this might happen so if you if we find out it's unique you need to keep that open in your weird twisted like well I'm not so thrilled it into about seltzer reaches out some on social media and ask them what's the proper way to pronounce your name and save your spot he's all the eagle holiday today I'm gonna send us a voice thing St ask frenetic you can say I've said both what would you do John if if you're hiring people who really know they call a mini I was I went down in the books last week saying Hey I don't want to trade away our first round pick to go get you and you can dock way because I see him as good not great well you know like in between teaching children this past weekend I had a chance to go look at more film and man I I think I was wrong well I think yes I have yeah you can gawk way is undoubtedly if if he actually looks it looks the part becomes the pictures he's sending us on his Instagram and Twitter in an eagle Jersey he is so much better than anything we've got as a pass rusher I mean like not even close we've not seen anything like this since the days of treacle we actually had someone that people feared had turned their protection to and that sort of thing we don't have the markets went into a fourth round now and sadly Brandon Brandon Graham does not come on listen Brandon Graham Derek Barnett John I will continue to add on there that are better than you do everything you don't lump them together Derek gray Derek Barnett brandy grand you don't lump them together Brandon Graham has actually done something Derek Barnett has done nothing in this league I mean he's hustled that's it well he's been it's been a decision making Gach way is such an upgrade yeah he can go back way and this is like I said I mean it took me awhile to get here because he's not the perfect cookie cutter size hi speed arm length yep you know all that stuff he's he's shorter he looks a lot like a Brandon Graham's stature wise which isn't great you know shorter arms are disadvantaged when you're doing the hand fighting all the time but man is this guy hand fight and Mandy is this guy apply technique and it looks like he is one of those guys that just really relishes the idea of improving his game like you can see V. R. B. E. the little details it in his game are there and I feel like he constantly is working so you try the front so you would agree with her in the first round pick from yes I absolutely now after this weekend I said no last week yeah I wasn't sure I was erring to the side of caution I'm saying now and we know what this guy is he is a a defensive end who is scary to offenses a guy who works at his craft you can see it in his development he's conscientious in his approach to the game and he's twenty four years old twenty four years old with four years of of play under his belt yeah this guy's a baby and he's very precocious for a baby because he's played from an early age yeah I get every day and I felt the guy is like nothing we've seen recently you bring him in our D. line is the best in the NFL no questions and that's it and since I have been shown with a moderate gotta get receiver I'm okay I understand that and I've been to huge on that tip yeah but you I I'm gonna air to the side of a known commodity yet he can gawk way you sign this guy and probably have to give away your first round pick to do it then you have the best D. line in football S. eight you will you wait you decide that you're gonna use their first round pick to trade up to get probably rugs Henry Ruggs he's he's not a sure thing Henry Ruggs is great in college Henry Ruggs is super fast Henry Ruggs will probably be good but we don't know that I I look I I just say this again two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four to get involved the conversation whether it's Yanni Corey Yanick would you trade a first round pick for well here's the you're obviously gonna have to negotiate a big contract with them that that goes without saying that would be part of this whole thing and and there are some reports that that's part of the hang up the whole matter I'll just say this you know it's a probably somehow related to Clowney contrary to like it's all it's all sort of waiting on one another like what is the going rate right top shelf past three I just like it to me either to you know I love Clowney but any king doc way is the sure bet yeah so yeah I don't love cloudy but I'd much rather have Clowney and a first round pick wide receiver you might have to do you know financial to get there but I'd much rather have that than let's take the first round pick get the defensive end who can pass rush not out of the first round pick anymore give him all the money not on the money for cloudy like to me it makes far more sense and it's just what I see this whole thing I I've been talking John we talked last week about and I love the fact of how Rosen has built up to defense I mean clearly even the most the two most made over the weekend the safety linebacker it's more defense in words I mean that's what he's doing and I put in I put in I know they're they're less movement I mean these guys are gonna get it heavy special teamers but clearly the two big moves he's made so far with with Hargraves and and then of course the the slate last week they they're they're putting the right here is lame move is mass it's a big move in there putting their emphasis on defense and I appreciate that and I've been very clear you know like in a lock I don't want us I understand that like that's you know you haven't had that either but you have to have bills like when the eagles won the Super Bowl twenty seventeen one of the things that really stood out it's it's not to say you have to win this way you don't the ravens won with only defense the rams one for the most part with only offense in ninety nine I mean the reality is there did the basic fact is if you can have a balanced team you're in better shape the reality is Joe we had no idea who is even on our defense two weeks ago we were saying I got three guys on that side of the ball that we can even identify understand I go that needed a tunnel border and they did right now yes but it does it it is what it is I mean it doesn't mean it's got it is the cherry on top man this means you've got a lock down corner back that you can stick on the best receiver anyone has now you've got two defensive ends that are weapons that forced an offense you have to game plan to get the ball out quickly they're like you have to or to change your blocking scheme altogether you bring jadi kan got quite yet you know how much better that makes Brandon Graham like part of Brenda grant's problem then not that I'm not saying he has a problem I say again very good but not great part of the issue is there's no one else rushing the passer from an edge yeah but John someone's gonna catch the ball I understand that but you're not you know not enough not enough I've not enough what you're not understanding enough because now you're going to hire in saying all along that should be our first priority wide receiver I couldn't believe we didn't going get Hopkins I couldn't believe I haven't done a deal and I know why you're going to now we're at a point where we have the opportunity of a lifetime to go get a young player who is proven in this league over four years and will only get better from here who can change the way our defense looks who can give us the best brought in football well look at me two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four it is obviously an enticing and an out there for them to get possibility that would help to defeat I mean it would really help there's no doubt about it you think about some of the moves eagles made including soleil recently helping the defense to give up draft capital for him and got quite obvious in even in a perceived to be an even better player moving forward given his age.

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