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Me. Father five cents. Right. Right. Come from anything done. We started talking to one another again that's from former vice president Joe Biden here in Washington. Speaking to the nation's mayors and another road to the White House, twenty twenty note, former governor Terry McAuliffe says he will make his decision by March thirty first the former Virginia governor is also considering a bid for the presidency. He spoke earlier today at the university of Virginia a forum on the Trump presidency. He told the panel, quote, I'm going to do everything that I can to make sure that Donald Trump is not in office in two thousand twenty the South China Morning post carrying this headline earlier today US worship sailed through the closely-watched Taiwan Strait turning up the pressure on Beijing it marked the fourth time. The navy has publicly admitted to sending a surface combats through the strait since the US restarted the practice back in the summer. It comes at a sensitive time for US China relations, both in trade and military talks. Here are some more details US guided missile destroyer, the USS Nick Campbell and the water as a deal. Conducting a routine Taiwan Strait transit in accordance with international law. Tim Gorman is the Lieutenant Commander spokesperson in the region. He said, quote, the ships transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrate the US commitment to a free and open Indo Pacific. The US navy will continue to fly sale and operate anywhere that international law allows the US navy. Did did sail ships through the straight back in October. Again in November, we should point out. They were followed by a number of Chinese vessels in the area. Then as well. As nNcholas Maduro announcing today that he is breaking diplomatic relations with the US. This follows the announcement by the Trump administration recognizing that country's opposition leader as its president Madero says the US diplomatic personnel have seventy two hours to leave the country. The State Department is saying no way earlier today. Secretary state, Mike Pompeo addressing the organization of American states. He discussed the political turmoil in Venezuela. Today..

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