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This S Charlie Goals Jewish. . States those who listen for those who are willing to listen. . Now. . Thank you very much. . tweed action. . and. . I've. . Lived a long time and have experienced a lot of wonderful things but Israel. . I'm believable Bihar. . And of course, , it leaves it says sign on my <hes> way overlooking. . World. . Let's just bring it back to today in this country. . I think it's fair to say that British Jews experienced a visceral form of antisemitism that they have never done before with the election of Jeremy Corbyn, , the leader ship of the Labor Party and the genuine threat that should he have won the election in December twenty nine hundred thank goodness didn't that Future, , existence in the united. . Kingdom. . was under threats. . Can I ask you in this for years of quite quite considerable pain for the Jewish community here? ? Could you feel parallels with what she experienced in Vienna announced the damage as a child not at all not at all and no people's starting to be afraid he upset about it. . But as always say Sicily announcing and you know unfortunately antisemitism has always been and always be I don't know why but it is affects. . Who is essential his and? ? It does it's just. . It's language. . So it's subsequent assist inborn in the people, , but it is thus <unk>. . Mention it just same. . Like what this I'm doesn't. Nazi. . . Time. . So I must say, , it doesn't really bother me and mustard personally offend million may. . Not experienced any antisemitism in again thank you for making that clear. . Now, , you lived in the same apartment block in Amsterdam and frank, , and you were only a month apart in Asian. . Playmates together in <hes> early teenage, , and then in nineteen forty two, , you both went into hiding to avoid the Nazi effort to capture Jews in Amsterdam. . Now, , you'll family was captured by the Nazis after being betrayed by double agent in the Dutch underground and transported to Auschwitz. . You father and brother didn't survive the ordeal, , but you and your mother were barely alive while you afraid by Soviet troops in nineteen, , forty five. . How Did it feel. . To have left your home city of the Anna. . To try and create new life understood them. . And for that to happen to you, , even as you fled from way you used to. . Well as it was. . At tangible tangible time. . Have a very happy little girl in Australia had old plaza who was <hes> <unk>. . Like older process should be very protective for me. . I have a sort of a viable child. . It was much more <hes> at a bookworm and he had to be all his stories which he was dating <unk> <hes>. . Again. . Pants. . Kaslow's advice Elliott wonderful family life, , and then to go to Belgium. . Glad we got out of Australia Benny. Many . of our family members didn't because it was spent thirty eight. . It was very difficult to get past the German Jews had already gone to England and land, , and France and everywhere, , and most of those companies did the daily want any more Jews? ? So only if you're somebody special. . <unk> got visas any more. . But <unk> advising referenced in Jim and then Mefatha actually lift in Holland and remain Belgium, , and of course, , the war stock that my father had asked to get as well to Holland because in a war board as will be closed and view may not be able to see. . So in in forties ewing's a wall that in February nineteen forty because visas to for three months to visit by Fassa in in Holland. . So relief like you say on the same <hes> Dressy not an apartment block, , it was a hold area of. . More than it'll buildings and there was eleven years old. . But of course, , you know ahead on trust French said ahead to Dutch Andam. . <unk> difficult to accept that Baz also children and even by the teaches and. . So lost all my confidence. . became shy Biz stone but <unk> friendly and eventually settled down. . But of course, , the Nazis invaded. . And, , of course, , a measures <unk> Jewish people started to come. . And for two years VI IN FIA to be arrested. . And in nineteen forty two, , then southbound young people go to call up notice <hes> have to come to a place respect pex given exactly start Schefter Blake to <unk> deported to Germany to work in German factories. . But Zach to him benighted forty-two most of German Jews had been deported to get us or two camps. . So why on Earth should your one more young Jewish be to Cup to Germany? ? So Zet sit time when Anna's Fazah auto frank and my father and many other Jewish feminists is cited civil send Sam young people, , but we would go into hiding. . While I was just sit at ten years old. . And my father called us together. . And he said, , hence, , you not going to set you we going to hiding. . But we couldn't find a family who was to take it for people. . So we have split up. . I go visit my Mazda enhance feel bismuth files. . And that started to cry. . And did not want to be separated the game. .

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