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Don't have jobs don't have any prospects don't know how to find jobs don't know that they are what their skill sets are don't know how to behave in the work place where they have to were less likely I mean if black and brown young men don't know how to work in our behave in the workplace they know not obey the way Mike Bloomberg area will this be a question Proby to him well Hey he many my we have to say about this red remember and I can't see this enough in this incredibly nobody else is talking about it the the candidates so far only rip Mike Bloomberg for buying his way in he's a rich guy they hate him so much that he's rich they don't seem quite upset that he's racist the racism ran out so much not so much and let me tell you they'll all take his money no all do it Bernie you danced around the question will you accept Bloomberg's money he's the nominee I don't think I'm gonna need it but I anyone answered three different times I asked him on CNN their pizza he gladly would and this is in getting that much play out there which is crazy member Obama during this I'll never forget this this was two thousand nine summer two thousand nine is trying to tell people about my cares just great ABC gave him like ours like half the day about obamacare to pushing promoted total total state run propaganda and a woman got I'm sure my mother is is I think she was ninety five ninety five sold she had a pacemaker on your plan would they denied the government controlled and ask what they would they do not the pacemaker he basically said you know at that age I'm gonna get a pacemaker she's proud to take some pills just to ease the pain and that's that and so she got my mom has life she has what none of them well the Gover giver pacemakers another bunch of years well an album is it basically just take take the pain pill go away and that's pretty much what Mike Bloomberg said to a group of orthodox Jews she was talking to them is another big winner if you're old and you're sick Mike Bloomberg says it's okay it's just time to die here we go I.

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