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Agent academy absurd number fifty nine recorded on June third two thousand nine gene I'm agent Gooney Guy and I'm agents only belly and welcome to a new show and I'm already clicking on things I do it automatically try it wasn't good try there's a lot of good tries fast yeah I had a lot of good I try things out and we'll be talking about that today during the show during news times mm-hmm and situation report but We we've had some things we've done I guess over the past week and a half and the last episode of show God see you in person that was Kinda cool which is the first time you know because it's awesome so sign it is my gotTa Mitchell he's that is really cool he liked y'all he thought funny and so anyway what does you've been up to me I thought we were GonNa do you I well let's see I got my Platt Trekker they got my gold connector and that's like the boringest stuff I guess I we have a new player that I've I don't know if I wrangled him into to playing the game of other coworkers wrangled him into playing the game but we have a new CO worker playing and he's already level six nights so yeah so we gotta get unverified locally and that gives me so close to those like instigates I'm like Oh so you you in six or seven people yes you need one more I have another person on the fence so there's some coming up soon I'm pretty sure I give away prizes every week and occasionally the prizes are tempting but not tempting enough the week I gave out green bubble ones like a lot of people were like hey played stupid game of life ah or you go to the dollar store and buy bet effort like when they show up in your office yeah I walk around and put them on their desks so if they're not at their desk they just come back to the surprise under does so it's Kinda cool Yup yeah so I have a contest each week about like whoever gets the most Ip for that week get like the top three or hover many of the things I bought get the prizes so that's how that works yeah everybody kind of gets people noticing like hey what are they doing so we get on recruiter badge action for any of the zero because the way the recruiter badges setup is not good because it's so hot explain to a new person like okay yeah you can download the download the game use the email you and click that from your phone and then download it from their ears I get credit and they're always like but I consider it here and APP store I can just click it right yeah you can and you don't want to bother someone who's like like getting someone to the point where they're gonNA download the game and go through that twenty minutes to to`real you already don't WanNa lose them it's like barrier it's just I just I'd rather not throw up the obstacles I got my two credit credit for two so the badge unlocked at least I'm happy with that like I don't like I don't care that's fine so let's see I missed out for Saturday for June for good reasons it was my besties baby cue which sounds like it's a baby barbecue but babies it's not that we're barbecuing babies it's that instead having a baby shower she wanted to have a barbecue their friends because she's one of those people she's like most of my friends are like guys and girls and so traditional we're just like she's like that's like half my friends can't let's just have a barbecue it's now at the same time yeah and it was really great except There was a horrendous like thunder storm that blew through and so the all the decorations and Steph were up for like maybe twenty minutes before like thunder storm and hail and we didn't see the hell but it was a round people driving into the to the barbecue still like those hail apparently y'all just have thunderstorms on Saturdays apparently right because at that we'll get to that but yeah I'm sitting there I'm getting ready to eat my my Pulled Pork Sandwich and the wind comes through oh and my entire cup of Dr Pepper goes right into my food and then the wind picks up the canopy that were sitting at and it just I was passed and I'm just like the guys that are crossing relied just met like four minutes earlier he just reaches up like ebbs it with the leg of it why by like Oh my Gosh you look at Europe thing would have ended up in the street anyway it was a mess so I was kind of like I heard for Saturday people because it was local obviously they got hit pretty hard they got some hail and stuff too but it blew over about twenty minutes of crazy rain and then flew over and everything's fine but no no not that day do you want to get to your week and sure talk about you can get to that stuff sure did go to First Saturday in and it was in Birmingham Alabama couple hour and a half away from where I am and met few agents but I just so I'm doing a little test experiment on my own because there's always questions about how they p works or whatever I it seems pretty simple and I just wanted to test it because there's always this will you gotta sign up and unregister than show your stats and do all this stuff and that's really just for the people putting on the event those don't really do anything other than that because they just not true big total so anyway I went and I said Hi to some folks but then I just act the the first senator portal when it went live and then I went and waited for time and went and did my stuff and I I didn't actually like submit my scores because I I didn't even want to be on the board like I just wanted to go get my triple a. p. and and there there are some extenuating circumstances on why and I don't even know if I want to get into it we'll do that maybe later so I'll tell you about it then you tell me if I should later okay you can be my the angel on my shoulder because right now we've got the thank you anyway so so backtracking a little damn and interrupt you real lick okay I heard a rumor that there's massive video leg Oh yeah live chat what is reporting like I guess whole baby barbecues stories ruined the stream I don't know the might they'll have to watch it live are recorded I guess they recorded one is coming through fine it is the stream I see it's like kind of slide show and Pixel early so we're not dropping any frame so I don't know I blame the streaming service that's where we're clear about yeah so I'm sorry for anyone watching live hopefully it will clear up but we'll be a recorded version which kind of sucks I'm sorry the Audio Spine so that's good maybe it's the new the new stream sugar to the old one you can give it a try I don't see chat that does some weird stuff I don't know why any of that would ask what the video that we will look into it and hopefully fixing time but this is live so we must continue the show John say yeah and so at the anomaly you made you gave me all these really cool buttons they recall F. Buttons for both factions to give out I printed out so me any blue ones I made resistance ones because I was being fair I bought equal numbers I was like yeah this is GonNa be good just give them out give them away and it would have been awesome yes would have been awesome did you not make it to the anomaly so genetic see people they're not people at the anomaly so I'm not so used to like big city traffic and when my son component up to this window in the middle of the city also only it felt like Oh my God we got to 'cause there's all these guys around the car waiting to get the keys.

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