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Five one six seven nine four zero four zero four. When we talk about heart disease, and plaque. There are many things that can contribute to plaque in the blood vessels. And there is something called soluble, inter cellular adhesion molecule. This is a molecule that makes the blood vessels, or that creates stickiness in the areas where plaque exists. It's the American journal clinical nutrition. The effects of omega three fatty acids supplementation on plasma concentrations of soluble, adhesion, molecules were assessed in this meta analysis a multi facility study. And all the researchers concluded that a mega three supplementation reduced the sil- intracellular Asian mount kill. So this is important. This is what can help to decrease plaque creation. In the lining of your blood vessels. And they say this is affected as a primary or secondary means for preventing the development and the progression of atherosclerosis. So big journal journal clinical nutrition big study. And here's one of the scientific reasons why people should have some fish oil in their diet. One of many reasons. So we have to learn about your body understand what your vitamin and mineral levels are. And correct deficiencies at nutrients to be able to maximize your nutrient density. And get the exercise done. So that you delivering oxygen and flooding into your cells vitamins minerals, hormones. And I can show you thousands of many thousands of patients over thirty one years that have done just that they look at the blood work. They see the information the integrated they changed their diet. If we find out that their food allergic take those foods out, substitute others. We do a lot of dietary changes in supplementation, based upon what the blood test, and what allergy testing shows, and if a person is overweight, a person that has high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar diabetic, etc. Cutting down the carbohydrates switching in different foods can make all the difference in the world..

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