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Realize that. I need to make sure that building. Those costs right. Count for the fact that i drove to rockville. I right outta drawback exactly and i start doing that. You have to realize that so even with pop ups like give. People atmosphere have fun. Good music honestly. Good music you. The bar has a good bartender atmosphere and your products. They look nice. it is going to sell. I've seen it way too many times at bars and if you work relationships with the bartender and you work relationships with hey we're gonna make sure the bar tab hits about thousand versus pain for the space for this hour's i guarantee they'll take the bars over the initial cash and it just depends on i two of my favorites to do what she didn't. She's talking about them about like they do their things at bars. And it's always a fun time. One would be chris cardi exactly and the other would be dreams of triumph like dreams triumphal. He'll go to chinatown on on the street over there to join in a spot called crimson but like he makes it his face and there's always some sort of good a good deal on drinks like it's always the two of those together and you know you're going to enjoy yourself chris. Cardi and dreams of triumph. Definitely get a shadow here. Yes that's and that's your mom. Show exactly and chris smart like he worked. You can work relationship at one point. Where like you got discounts if you bought glass with his with his logo and everything on. It took it to the bar. You got discount uber. That when they're finding those relationships mark it's very clever very smart but that's what i'm saying. There's so many other ways to give people experience they wanna have without you. Having to like give so much aware compromise the quality of your product and equality of what it is like i. I'm trying this whole thing for twenty twenty. I mean not perfect. But i'm trying to only purchase and support small businesses. So a lot of my clothing. They'll be buying will be coming from all of you. Gentlemen in here were and ladies out there. Shut out but that is my goal. So like i'm gonna pay the fifty six stops. I'll probably pay one hundred dollars. More is going to hurt. It hurts okay. Supporting small hard. Okay it was easy everyone would do it but life what do you how do you think that benefits the community by supporting small businesses. I think that like it's kind of like just showing the action that you care as crazy as it sounds corny as it sounds. I think that if you smart if you support small businesses within your area where are you're supporting like your community someone that lives in that community someone that you're supporting probably your neighbor so you're holding to pay rent bills. Keep the lights on anything. And i think that if we all kind of start a movement like this it's going to change the game of retail. I mean and i think that it has to start with blake us be more conscious consumers. Yes do i. I don't think that i go through moments. Where i'm not perfect. I'll still get myself. A of experience have really nice pieces. I hate to say it and they those ninety nine cents sales. Yes i know. We're czar as art or a few times. Yeah sorry. I'm ball and i'd be like came. Talked me fox still backing today. I should three that was added and had to dig into crates for down. That was an air who i feel. I feel like why didn't break down your breath of experience. I'd be doing you a disservice. So like from from my conversations with her outside of this like the collection of her experiences. What makes her unique fit for the things that she's doing now so like take us through some of these spots that you work. They're all right here. We go along. I started my first job. Was fourteen i worked at sears store. Here's fanciers day. So after sierras. I worked at american american eagle in a mall. Those are oh yes. I worked for j. crew when they used to have a little flip wallets tie belt stuff work. During that era. I worked for a home. Say i worked for starbucks starbucks race startup in michigan. I yeah i was like. I think certified okay. I can make you a lot in under two minutes. And it was wait certified starbucks used to like make you take classes and your drink had to weigh a certain amount for it to be serving. I never knew that technical i. I'm a recent shoot. Ger took me like almost a month before they let me on the bar implant games early bar pussies buns to get drink certified. It was take a coffee class. everything. I knew content your palate. The bruce was back in the days to have like. I knew coffee hair college. Like if it's like dr members society precise right. it hits like search through different side of the pallet. I don't. I don't even like coffee right only like like a dibble dabble of coffee. My drink like a big shot. I'm usually getting mel joining my favorite my favorite rank them. I like you a lot. Laura favorite drink from them. Caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino. And there's like literally coffee mostly like let's see is giving you certa faith anyways respect basically you like extra sugar hot chocolate that so but a little bit of coffee. So what else did you work laura. Let's give time so market. I also worked for him. White house black market. Were for allison. Olivia it worked for. The company actually helped open up the company and there's show started from the ground up permits hiring on product knowledge training that to the fried company. I worked for barneys new york and georgetown. I worked there. And i used to work at the thus the location. Sometimes i also worked diesel visual merchandising travel czar visual merchandising and travel i worked for reagan bom did reach and pop-ups events outside a rag and bone and then brought back end did most of their consignments and i used to like work with my clients if it'd shop for them than i was organized and closets this well and then i worked for the showroom dc on fourteen k that's event space so i home with the as a manager there i just make sure they follow the rules and they don't burn the building down when my actually friends. I've been to a wedding. That they own the space saron. Ross you guys. I love them. They just kind of an opportunity there one. The reasons helped me kinda.

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