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Art human connection is at i love your book very much our human connection is waning its waning and our brain health is waning and the human brain israeli under attack and shockingly enough if we go through the story of how he came about to write this book intimacy was one of nature's ways to create hormones in your body to protect your brain it's a it's true into received ties or hormones and hormones tired health but also environmental to hormones and hamas tie the health than the home loans tied to intimacy seems like we've kinda got the dragon evience own tail pushing a string of those different analogies do you start that's really great white at you know i wrote one of the very first breakthrough books that came out eighteen years ago called hormone deception all about this toxic cocktail that were now living in and what are the effects on our children our kids brains and based on that book i was invited to be a hormone scholar at an environmental estrogen hormone thinktank at tulane university were really worked with the guys who are developing this new field and i had written books on the gut and i had written books on hormones but i was shocked to see how they converge in the bedroom um in hormone deception i said girls are having menstruation earlier than ever and when you change milestones of reproduction this is huge menopause is happening earlier than ever when you change milestones reproduction that can be adverse and that could be very huge like the canary in the mind but it appears as though this chemical soup that were in.

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