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And are disrespecting me for their convenient said that's just like you whether it be big business like at t merging with time warner the way comcast reach people bank of america wells fargo the way they treated their customers opening fake accounts and these big businesses and nfl's one of them they don't care about us in respect us anymore anyway because they know leave arrogantly believe we'll keep watching because that's where the money's at all on on television espn cbs abc we'll keep watching and for those of us they keep going we're just even bigger fools that's what they're saying that's what they believe and they're saying it not so many words exactly and then and on top of that but waited that they're treating you and others and accurate over two hundred million dollars in the stomach from taxpayer money greater to the mall character and just ridiculous that they may continue to do their bit in the face of americans that we're gonna fit by in not you're you're a single thing we got to start what the nfl and other organisations out your big company that fight against what we believe in in what the african american here i told i i'm going to go fishing instead of the nfl and where i don't go fishing on the spend that time with my family i'm just not going to watch for the rest of the year now there's a big turnaround and their ratings drop by thirty percent in their stadium attendance drops by forty and they come out and say okay we've rethought this and now we're creating a policy you the stay in a locker room or you come out and you stand up and you stand in uniform then i'll come back with the with vehement support of the nfl and the falcons but i am i am i am done and and by the way this is interesting because you talk about this lynn or let ski were you by the way was michael williams for governor george two republican governor and they're doing a protest wednesday 1202 to river about the river rich high school woodstock teacher lynn or let ski who's on paid leave after she really bash these students and enforce them discipline miliatimen product wire for wearing make america great again trump tshirts because that's so divisive okay you got that and.

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