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So I still think that there's a a way for Marla MAC on the colts actually have a pretty productive day today. I'm not entirely sold on the Texans. Just from the standpoint of I think they can be hurt with screen games. And I think they can be hurt by the deep ball as well. And as I said the run game. Yes, it looks good in spots. But they've been gashed on the run at times this season two. So, you know, they're numerous factors here. But I definitely would be taking the culture. But the one thing I will say about this game is that this should be the highest scoring game of the weekend. I'll be slightly surprised if it doesn't end up being the high scoring game. It's got the highest point total at forty eight and a half. Half. I actually expect that total be over. I do think between these two teams they'll be able to air the ball out. And I have confidence that the Shawn Watson being able to find ways of getting the Android Hopkins. The ball, you know in the NFL the season Hopkins had over one hundred fifteen catches and zero drops. And yeah, maybe I just jinxed him, but the man just bawled out the entire year. And I just think that we're going to see a show between him and T Y Hilton today I- Hilton has torched the Texans in both matchups this year. I expect more of the same today. Realistically, the second. There is the weakest part of Houston St. fence and there's nothing about this game today. That tells me that the Texas have figured out a way of stopping Andrew luck the culture gonna throw the ball. We know this, and I do think between Marla MAC and. Name Himes the colts are gonna find success with the running game as well. So I just think that the colts are to balance on offense. And that's what carries them through to next round. You know, realistically, the NFL would be pushing for a colts cheese match. Just 'cause I mean, Andrew lucked versus a Patty is Patrick Mahomes. I mean that cell cells TV, right then and there I mean, there's no getting around it to obviously with Cosby and sixty they they would play the cheese outright. If they were to prevail today. And you know, if the Texans wind in their automatically locked into playing they're automatically locked into playing the patriots of should be interesting up. And we'll see we'll see how it goes today. But I'm curious. Curious to see how the Texas respond because you know, as I said, they have been perennial pretenders for a number of years. Now, this is the fifth time in eight years. The Texans have played the Saturday Saturday while car match up and each time the Texas find ways of looking even more pitiful than alas, and yes, I know their quarterback injuries in different excuses. You can label on it. But you know, at a certain point a team just has to step up and get it done. And that's really all. I'm looking for here. I'm looking for Texas actually, show me something that gives me a reason to believe in them moving..

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