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I'm John requested a storm brews in the Bahamas that could threaten Florida this weekend a brewing cyclone over the Bahamas is already prompting many of the same islands decimated by hurricane Dorian to issue tropical storm warnings while the system is in the forecast to become a full hurricane it is predicted to grow into a tropical storm either tonight or tomorrow a storm watches posted for much of the Florida east coast from the palm beaches to near Daytona the predicted path suggests that like Dorian the storm will push north parallel to the Florida shoreline in Miami Abin brown fox news a Paul county student faces a battery charge after a violent locker room attack against a twelve year old classmate ed Blake academy in Lakeland cellphone video of the slug fest has gone viral the school is suspended the attacker for ten days Lakeland police Capt Justy Pacheco tells news channel like what comes next after the investigation sitting down with the parent one final decision is made on whether the students remains in the school or not and a plan will be developed to ensure the safety of the child school district investigates why no teacher watched over the students when the attack happened the same investor who recently bought part of John's pass village now wants to buy the Reddington long here Ben mallow wants to build a twenty million dollar hotel in what is now the parking lot for the pier Miller because a blighted area and once the town to change the zoning so as project can happen the next morning meeting comes October third officials say plus demolished appear currently await final approval from the state the sky way ten K. race officials announced a popular six and a half mile run over the sunshine skyway bridge will return March first of next year officials say they use a lot of re registration process if you want to run your sign up between October third in the twentieth and runners learn the twenty first if they get to take part with Florida's news I'm John a question this is a Bloomberg market minute a solid batch of economic data and using trade tensions really aren't doing much to boost Wall Street the Dow up forty eight the nasdaq down eight the SNP gaining too we went shopping last month retail. all sales increased more than predicted in August up almost a half percent lifted by spending on cars building materials healthcare and hobbies those results point to solid consumer spending that could ease fears a recession is on its way but we're not spending everywhere forever twenty one is preparing to close at least one hundred of its eight hundred stores Bloomberg news reporting that's part of forever twenty ones preparations for a bankruptcy filing later this month the FDA and European.

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