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The mid nineties, right now in Boston. 74 degrees. Developing news breaking news into the BBC newsroom Just moments ago in the White House President Trump announced that he is canceling the Jacksonville Florida portion of the Republican National Convention, the president says it's just not the right time is covert 19 cases spike across the state. Delegates are sent to gather in North Carolina, the original location of the convention in order to perform party work. The president says he's spoken with Governor De Santis about this and the Jacksonville, Florida portion of the RNC will not be happening. We'll get you more as it comes in two W. B C news radio schools in Somerville may stay closed even longer than others. BBC's James RoHaas tells his teachers are pushing for remote learning this fall. Members of the Somerville Teachers Association say it's too early to get back into the classroom even in a hybrid in class remote learning model. In addition to concerns regarding the health and safety of students, staff and teachers President Rommie Bridge says the union is also concerned about moving too quickly when they may have to quickly move out again. There's a really good chance that whatever we go with one of his hybrid or in person learning at the end of the day, we might end up back in remote instruction. To the day because the cold cases are going to be really great if we spend this time now developing robust model of education that works remotely so that if we end up back, we're not in crisis learning again because we have built a better remote system. He says They're aware of negative side effects when kids stay out of school, but believes there could be worse with deaths. James RoHaas W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary, Admiral Brett Gir, R says he doesn't want anybody to think that there's no risk for Corona virus and Children. He tells MSNBC the chances of kids catching and transmitting covert 19 Avery small but not impossible, he says. If a community is burning up with the virus, it will be much harder to open schools. In the traditional way. He also says no matter what local communities decide they must have mitigation plans in place Whitey Bulger's longtime girlfriend, Catherine Greg's free after completing her federal sentence for helping the late South Boston mobster W B Z TV, says federal agents took off her electric monitoring device this morning. Greg is now living with her sister, Margaret McCusker. After serving time at a halfway house Fivethirtyeight time to get a check on Wall Street. Here's Andrew a day at Bloomberg Stock indexes slid as traders showed an understandable dislike for the surprise uptick in more than 100,000 in New unemployment claim pilings last week. Down, lost 350 for NASDAQ Down to 45 S and P 500 off 40. Candy titan Hershey to sales fell 3.4% last quarter, but it still managed to eke out a better than forecast profit. Percy is nervously looking ahead to Halloween, where it gets a big sack of its annual revenue and warns the pandemic could hurt candy demand, both in subdued trick or treating and in fewer and smaller Halloween parties and rode a Bloomberg business on W. B z Boston's news radio Europe can tell you there's a problem on your commute, but only Delhi busy can tell you why. And for how long W. B Z traffic on the threes on Lian W. B Z Boston's new twin, you know. Thiss is tomorrow's technology today, brought to you by Toyota, a Montana based company has developed technology designed to let divers no when they're running out of air is an led air warning system is designed to give divers on indication with color display right on their diving mask. But let him know how much air pressure they have left during their dyed green means. They're good to go red means get to the surface fast. Brian Metzger with Tech Link says this air warning system, Khun save lives. This gives the diver and opportunity right in front of them right on the diving mask, a visual signal to let them know how much air they have left. And if it's time to come up, That's tomorrow's technology Today brought to you by Toyota Developing mobility technology for the world right here in Boston. Learn how you could save on Toyota's most advanced.

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