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For giving your own Robert aboard given as good perspective on the giant tire and the ravens and the chiefs she's gonna be out of our great ravens and the chief now that probably the two teams are gonna play in the championship game the ravens staying the Titans I like the Texans chief Brad chip as well I like both of the teams that are home this week if you can't apply a flat fee of the two final four teams any NFC any IFC were both the top seeds Rhames insane to battle for the NFC both of them had wild card weekend off chief in pads certainly had buys they advanced to the finals I yeah I like golf team this week now some games I think are more competitive than others some lines are pretty darn IMG inflated and bloated Kansas city is anywhere from a nine and a half to a ten point joys and ravens are nine nine and a half point choice of the Titans so I I'm leaning toward off for home teams I think it's more of an advantage to be home and rest staying for the second round of the playoffs than going out when in a wild card game and build a little moment that just might lead into the game twenty get your takes on the games eight five five two one two four two two seven I put out the call for a brown van does he have to have a preference as to their new head coach because they are the only team without one right now we're now dulled checked in from palm springs to talk brown's with us hello we're not allowed yes Sir are you doing Jody very good yeah I am very optimistic I I know those two words don't normally go together when you talk Cleveland and Browns but I'm hoping for somewhat of a no stall Jake Dream Team I think it will come down to Josh McDaniels or Swarts in part because of course I'm a Daniels ties to the Cleveland Akron canton area and I think you need to do or after Denver Schwartz as well who are used to if I'm not mistaken was a scout at one time back in the day before we lost our eventual Super Bowl team to Baltimore for those few years that they were out of Cleveland and I know there what they were supposed to have interviews stuff fancy I'm sure he's a great guy but I I I think it's gonna boil down to Swarts or McGann you think they're going to a guy who's already got NFL head coaching experience of what it comes down I I do and I think they should and I think either one of those two work kind of said Mike fantasy Dream Team for Cleveland after everything we've been through this team as you mentioned earlier loaded with talent I was terribly disappointed with the discipline too many distractions you know I'm again browse grand thrown through the initially the commercials were great with may feel and then it got to the point I do you want to see the commercial if you can't back it up get off of television play football and I I what I'd really like to see is once the cultures hired you really want to bring your Cleveland fans back and and somehow we make the back you're after year is go out and get out of the new some as a general idea guys he despite the fact that he is quote unquote retired he's still I think consulting for the ravens he's pretty married to that organization and I know they came from Cleveland and IT was a brown and he moved down there where I don't think you do that to the ravens I really don't they're parting ways was very congenial and everybody agreed to it and there were no bad feelings and he is still part of the organization that basically tells you that they parted companies as friends he got out for a reason I think he wants to enjoy his retired I think he likes is much reduced schedule as a consultant he'd have to have such a motivation to be the guy to get Cleveland back in there see that I don't think that's gonna happen for the reasons I just told you but if that were gonna happen will do they should have already made that happen and then you let I'll tell you who the best candidate to be your coaches you don't go out and hire a coach and a goal by the way I had to come in in the game we need you around what do you mean general managers wanted a bigger job to general manager is is backed up right coach how to bring an idea after you've got your trouble codes that that make a little bit of sense to me eight five five two one two four two two seven I see my quads doc brown's coach do I'll give him the chance anybody else the weekend's game I had a couple of interesting NBA games tonight Sixers wins signs M. B. Russell Westbrook goes back to Oklahoma City in a show of the love and then the shown the door as the rockets get beat badly by the time they're I still got a couple different ways we can go including a baseball dealer came down today now I'll be honest with you I don't quite get I give me a my daughter now when we come back eight five five two one two four two two seven buy me our it is CBS sports update time with the barman ada sports flag hi Jody will begin in the NBA just four games on the schedule from Thursday night couple of good ones will start with Russell Westbrook making his return to old Casey is first came back and his rockets were smoke by the thunder one thirteen ninety two despite thirty four from Westbrook that was a game high dental Gallinari let OKC with twenty three meanwhile Tristan Thompson at thirty five points and fourteen rebounds Cavaliers beat the pistons in overtime one fifteen one twelve Andre Drummond a piece of a night twenty eight points and twenty three rebounds Sixers beat the Celtics one oh nine ninety eight now the tables beat the Blazers one sixteen one oh two colleges now top ranking Zack they beat San Diego ninety four fifty the zags are now seventeen and one meanwhile good one between baptism Wichita state free throw too hard.

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