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It's really imaginative and well. I hope that you'll try it out now. Recently the series premiered. It's four season on disney channel. And it's been a really good season. I like it so far. Basically this season bore is result of what happened in the last season. See the last season season. Finale was basically called miraculous clean and will basically what happened was our persona of miraculous clean which is also khloe transformed into an eba villain. Well not much different. For regular personality she sends out an army of bees to brainwash all paris. Luca and kagami sacrificed themselves to save marinette adrian who escaped through the shiny miraculous queen silence all the temporary miraculous holders to her location and that doesn't involve alex because he hasn't gotten her miraculous yet revealing their identities to hawk mall. Lady bug regroups with cat nawar and using the dragon miraculous to unify into dragon bug. Together they steal the snake miraculous back from by pira and cat are uses it to unify into snake nawar together they defeat miraculous clean and sees her a kuma when leiva is unable to figure out a plan to rescue jade turtle. He sacrifices his memories to formally transfer the title of guardian of the miraculous to laibach who is able to reclaim the rest of the stolen rocky. Lous is khloe is permanently expelled from the team and refuses to forgive me but in the aftermath master fu reunites with marina who was girlfriend from long ago and together. They depart paris elsewhere. Nellie delivers masterfoods tablet. Which contains the Decrypted miraculous spell book to gabriel. Who fixes the peacock. Miraculous marinette is saddened after seeing adrian and tagami and gets comfort from luca but is unaware that adrian is indecisive about what he feels for gamay or lady bug so yeah i also forgot to mention that not only does hawk. Mock have nuru but he also has the peacock miraculous either way. That was the season finale of last season and this season opens up with gabriel repairs the peacock miraculous and use it in conjunction with the butterfly miraculous to transform into shadow moth meanwhile nets relationship with luca fractures when she is forced to ditch several of their dates to protect paris as leiva and the guardian of the miraculous. When mayor is unable to tell him the truth behind her disappearances he falls into despair and is a climatized and amaki ties into truth who together with his cinta monster which is basically what the peacock creates light is can force his victims to truthfully answer his questions lay catenary defeat him but marinez is unable to handle the stress of lying to him and the to break up which is so durably sad..

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