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The fingerprint authorities were able to track down dennis who was charged with four counts of unlawful removal of antitheft device police said dennis is well known to the cops with one hundred twenty nine crimes on his board of probation record he's eighteen aliases and was hard to catch until the plato took him down ever get out of jail ignored fingerprints plato and they're still getting away with been that many times you probably should know hide the fingerprints a bad criminal so bad this next laser story is out of grand rapids michigan the schwab family like the name the schwab family has been chronicled far and wide by media for their large family boys the michigan family currently has ten sons living at home and thirteen sons total none of them are adopted i know who these people are all boys the oldest is twenty five and the youngest is two and a genetics counselor calculated the chance of giving birth to twelve sons in a row at point zero two percent so what they do well pregnant again and nine months later the busy couple recently announced the birth of a new baby and you guessed it it's another boy disappointing after you're like no how do you come up with thirteen boy names the baby was born shortly after six pm and came early five days before the expected due date weighing eight pounds four ounces and twenty one inches long the dad jay schwartz says he is simply happy for safe delivery from mom and baby when you have that many kids you just like throw it in the back it'll take care of itself the kids will take care of this it also says they might try again no baby girl i don't think it's going to happen next laser story is out of the wide world of skin care a lot of people get sunburns this time of year so health officials want you to remember to put on some sunblock whenever you're outside but if you don't have any there's a new trick that can help instead apparently a cold compress using milk can take some of the pain away and speed up the healing process put cold milton yourself gas spade in ice cream you start feeling like you're getting a sunburn at the pool or whatever just grab some milk and.

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