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On the phone and i picked the one less. It was wild screen new calls for me. We've got one last. Message from the old kevin sullivan prince of dr. He writes also regarding throwing copper kudos to whoever requested this one on ironically love this album and listen to it often can't wait to hear joseph and jerry spew all over it. I guess he had not yet listened when he saw people know what we like in new. We wouldn't have built towers you really i. You steered us in an unexpected direction. Bill no his screen name. I would say they came in. I don't know just went all say like but me mike ditka just basically requested fucking my little pony album or something like what the fuck. Dick book kissed butkus. Mike ditka rate is the name dick butkus in the fact that the guy could rip you in half in. Real life was hilarious. Fucking name but your but kiss and he fucking kill you make you got it yet. It'd be tough our guys. Just before i forget. Take a moment if you would please and visit the grunge. Podcast dot com all right on there. You'll find links to all of our social media. We try to be fairly active on their succumb. Join in the fun. You can find a form to drop us an email right from the website there if you like if it's convenient and you should do that. Let us know what you think of the show. Where some of the album's or jerry's mishaps or whatever you like you know jerry's an expert take some picks and of course. There is the all important link to join our ridiculously awesome patriot channel over there. Where if you were to join right. Now you gotta hear you gave out over nine hundred hours of bonus episodes which is absurd it's tariff it's absurdities. Go ahead and fall into that wealth of entertainment for just a couple of bucks a month and enjoy yourself. Thank you very much. Shall we get on with the show. Jerry i had no idea we were doing a whole show. Oh well listen. Let me point out to you. I just got out of the your at three. Am today and what am i doing now. Here you are. What am i doing now. We're doing the podcast. Twenty seven man. I would have kept shorter to listen now. I went to the york. That's literally what. I put my hand in a book piss and i had to go to the er said that holy diver studio album by american heavy metal band dio released on may twenty fifth. Nineteen eighty-three vocalist. Ronnie james dio had just finished his first tenure in black sabbath. Whose drummer vinnie. Say he with them to put together his own band. The roster was completed by his former bandmate from rainbow. Jimmy bain on bass and the young guitarist. Vivian campbell coming from the new wave of british heavy metal band sweet savage. The album was acclaimed by the music. Press and is the band's most successful effort this amazing album has been hailed by critics as diaz best work and a classic staple in the heavy metal genre. The album was certified platinum on march twenty first way back in nineteen eighty nine all right now jerry i. It's a couple of things so we're listening to holy dive This is not a free episode. So this is is subscribe his going out to the world go to this is a special bonus for everybody to give them a classic album. And you said you re do something funny with this one. Yes so okay. So the album is what is it. Nine tracks all right. It's not a very long album nine songs and it is an album that i love so much. I've loved it since the fourth grade. I remember very specifically down to roughly the moment when i realized i loved it. And we'll talk about that heavy negative get exposed to classic rock. Your four years old. I had i was in the fourth grade fourth grade. I was listening to blurbs through blue rolling stones. You got that still pretty good for fourth grade and you got. Do yes yeah. That's cool so the what we're doing with this album. Here's the the one thing that's a little different so it is nine tracks and i love this album like i said it's pretty much fucking perfect. Hard rock metal album. Whatever you wanna call it. However the one flaw that i find in the album is a simple tweak of the track listing. I've discussed it on here. I think i feel that tracks number. One and two should be switched in order to make the album flow properly as it is. The opening track of the album is called. Stand up and shout and it starts pretty right away. It comes in fast and furious. Rockin it's a nice start doing album no doubt however track number two is the title track holy diver and it starts with a very long you know relatively long quiet fade in a very ethereal atmospheric moody intro to the track. If i can yes they leave that out of the radio. Edit right i mean we are probably they probably shorten or something faded in little shore. Sorry to interrupt good and to me you come out hard and heavy in that first track and then there's this awkward lull starting the second track when you're already in it in a mood and then they slow you down. In my opinion too much. It feels like a not right and have if you just switch them you have that long intro as an intro to the album and once it's over it's over now it's over now you're in the album your cooking and the tracks move on and flow appropriately. It's just that the issue of that long chillan intro to an otherwise rocking song for to start heavy and then go to. That feels awkward to me. And tonight i've switched those up to what i think should make for the ideal flow of this album. And so we're going to get into it. Track number one is the aforementioned title track holy diver song. Great fucking saw and Like i was saying. I remember so my mom. God rest her soul. She was very into this album and she would listen to it on occasion. And i don't know what it was. I never really opened myself up to this album in my mind for no good reason at all i assigned this two. That's one that my mom likes. Even though i liked plenty of stuff that she liked in fact at that age probably most of it. But whatever for this whatever reason this one was hers and one day we were on a weird. I don't know if you'd quite call it a vacation. We were in a weird place. Far away called snow shoe pennsylvania the fucking mountain town and we were in a truck with crazy man doing some weird road fucking driving. I was terrified car with. There's a truck like a pickup truck out. I was fucking terrified. No suspension things and my mom had this album in the cassette deck. And at some point you know she hit the button and turn it off ejected. The tape and i was grooving. I liked it in my mind. But i had already told her before. I don't really like that one. But i was like in it and when she objected. I said whoa put that back. I like it. She's like here. We go now. We're cooking here. We go holy diver. Long quiet intro. Right just here dio here for a second. Yeah my man if.

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