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Companies that choose to profit from such catastrophe. Mm hmm. Thanks. How about the walls of waste of money? Garret? We heard that before, too. I'm here to say no to Trump's border wall that it is wrong that it is a waste of money. We should be investing in in public education funding. We should be investing in infrastructure. We should be investing in mobility and transit. Mobility. So and again. This is the double standard. That's there. Just like you know, Nancy can go get her hair done without wearing a mask. Even when nobody else could. And Gavin Newsom can go hang out with people that are related to him that I live in his household. We could have a dinner party with like 12 or 20 of them and go have a good time. I mean, the hypocrisy is all there, and that's what they were saying. Well, you know what I mean? The border wall is just a waste, but this wall is needed. Wait, wait. It's not just that. It's a waste of money. You It's also cleaning the walls. Not going toe work. Well, this wall will work so that one will work. But the other one won't So now what? Certain walls work and other walls don't Well, this is this is this is Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's wall. So yeah, yes, of course. Of course. And it soon will be the Biden Kamala Harris. Yes, Yes, it is. S Oh, yeah, I mean, it's it's just all it's all hypocrisy. It's all there and they have it all up and down. It's just It's built everywhere, and they didn't have this. When Trump was inaugurated, there was major violence. And what they're doing, By the way they're trying to create the narrative. That they have to do this because Trump supporters are bad, just like you saw January 6th. Trump's supporters of the ones that are bad. They're the ones that are terrible s so therefore they're trying to make all of us out to be domestic terrorists. And that's why they need to do this. Of course again. Now that say, Keep domestic terrorist that you build the wall. But if you know the wall on the southern border to make sure terrorist, don't cross it. You're racist. Waste of money doesn't work. The 30 FT Wall won't work, but the 8 FT Wall that's fence. With razor wire on top that that'll do the trick. That'll do it. This is all to make us look like we're crazy people. The thing is They're never gonna were never our side is never going to think that way and the ones they're trying to convince already may think that we are crazy. Give me a break. Matter of fact, there was a There was an arrest. Is there like? Oh, Here we go. We got to make sure you know all around the states. The FBI says there's gonna be all kinds of crazy Trump supporters out there at State capitals. Well, the FBI has arrested a man named Dean Daniel Allen Baker. For issuing a call to arms on Internet platforms against the Florida state capital. Did I mention that this Daniel Allen Baker is identified as an antifa activist, describes himself as a hard core leftist He actually was there. Had psionic Seattle's chop or jazz. What? You want a cold, he was living in shop. Baker, who prosecutors say was kicked out of the army was homeless for several years before choosing to fight alongside a used US designated terrorist group in Syria is now charged. It sounds Girl Trump supporter right? Now charge of violating federal law, making it a felony to transmit interstate or foreign commerce on any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or injured. Uh, enjoy the person of another. OK, so Annie, go 33 years old. Um, he has tried to recruit and train others for his anti government, anti authority, violent extremism, ideology and again. Well, that's a Trump's, Portnoy's and antifa as any antifa person. He is actually shown on YouTube, photos and YouTube videos posing beside antifa flags. Yep. So here we go. Who gets arrested? Antifa? Oh, you know who else built walls and stuff like that. Andrew Cuomo. Cause he's they were, the FBI warned. There's going to be a trump rally at the Capitol in Albany, New York, Guess what happened? I will tell you coming up on contesting the morning ritual with Jared Lewis. Good feed, arch supports. I'm telling you if you want to get out, we're gonna We're gonna have to do this all together. You can have to knock on doors gonna get involved, if you like. But I'd like to, But I can't. I can't get involved because I have too much pain. Enough bupkis go to the good feed store. It's a grant in Swan right next to bed, Bath and beyond. If you can't get involved in you want to, But you have pain in your back here. Knees, maybe a plan Our fishy itis, which is extreme, he'll paint it feels like you're stepping on a thumbtack. Right? Our arch pay whatever it might be. All right, and just ankle pain, Hip pain. Go to the good feed store. It takes only 20 or 30 minutes. 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