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Where a powerful beat end the story is going to be committed to fill all right it's like thursday and new this is the this is the day that you are going to sacob's the sake of castaway say goodbye to wilson all right um i never thought about it i just knew ottomar we're going to shoot the seed where i say goodbye to wilson where he floats away never thought about it didn't threat slept fine got up the moment came when down went to the place that it was required and outed came that is a different professional artistic experience than say it another part of that movie wear i have to wake up on a beach and wonder what's going on those that stuff drove me nuts because you're you don't have an immediate emotional river to jump into like the scene where you say goodbye to wilson best as cold water up in the river takes a downstream and you're done the building blocks of what that move he was often required just kinda like tough brand of work in which uh in which eu test it you try it you talk about other different things today bob zametica said i have a fabulous working relationship i'd do you know we'd fight each other in the course of making a movie like cast away or the other ones that we've done and i'd say bodice anybody good to give a shit about this scene and bob would say not inevitably now it's a my kale it's a minefield bob it's like we're sowing the seeds of our own destruction by even try to get it great that's what movies i so if the question is as i do i feel content i feel aci.

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