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Spurs, Intel, David Robinson discussed on First Things First


That might be where you went i diverge here i have a much longer history watching how the spurs have handled players then i have watching quite as a pro well this is what i got a long history i know why since he came into the league i know the people that represent all right forget about what i see on tv forget about what it were report these are the people that handle my career saint people handle in his career so my intel is fairly significant no i'm not i'm not disputing that at all the point that i'm making is if the spurs are pushing a player who does not feel comfortable playing to play that is a giant left turn from the way they as an organization all the information that's been led out don't know david robinson set right here and said he got a second opinion when the spurs doctor came back with something that he didn't necessarily like so it's sometime organization releases information so we developed a reputation on the information release but also there's a bunch of information that's not released and it's not in the best interest of the place play again this season i don't know well that wasn't part of the yes or no choices but i don't could the giants be going into new direction the nfl draft let's that's how i johnny manziel he grew yesterday at the university of san diego's pro day with representatives of thirteen nfl teams on hand to watch menzel spent two seasons with the browns last seen nfl uniform in twenty fifteen see what do you make amends l taking part in this yesterday.

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Spurs, Intel, David Robinson discussed on First Things First

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